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Missile strike targeted at Diriyah e-prix

An Arab coalition intercepted a missile strike of Houthi drones, a ballistic missile attack on the Saudi Arabian capital (Riyadh). The attack was on the civilians of Riyadh and was also believed to have had a secondary target of the Formula-e race in Diriyah. This raises major concerns about the Formula One race in Jeddah proposed for later in the formula one season. The interception was reported to have taken place during the fireworks ceremony after the e-Prix. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia was attending the Grand Prix and therefore could have been a prime target for the rebel missiles. Several other missile strikes were intercepted at the same time over Saudi Arabia, meaning that this was a large-scale attack that included the race in Diriyah. The UNESCO world heritage site is also a prime target for rebel missiles, and therefore a race in the location would have been a very useful disguise. This is a breaking news article and there will be more to come.

Watch: Videos show the moment anti-missile defense systems intercepted a ballistic missile launched by the #Iran-backed #Houthis targeting Saudi Arabia's capital #Riyadh. — Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) February 27, 2021

Written by Sam Stewart, Edited by Aiden Hover, Ishaan More

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