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Monaco GP. Do you prefer history or racing?

Written by Fatima Ahmed, Edited by Leah Brown

Credit: Bugatti

The Monaco Grand Prix is as old as Formula One itself. This 3.3km street track is seen as the ultimate test for drivers who have to navigate their way around the high-speed bumps and slow corners - all while being wary of the barrier that surrounds them. One wrong move and they’re out.

For the past 72 years, fans have engrossed themselves in the thrilling adventures that have taken place on the streets of Monte Carlo. Ayrton Senna’s six wins, Lewis Hamilton’s win in the wet, Mick Schumacher’s car-splitting crash - all moments that’ll cement themselves into the hall of fame.

However, in recent years the track has produced fewer engrossing moments. Over time the cars have become wider, overtaking has become nearly nonexistent, and cars can’t go side by side on the narrow streets. In fact, the cars seem to go around in a circle for 78 laps.

This year, the FIA are deciding whether or not to scrap Monaco in place of a more entertaining race that will keep viewers interested. Fans immediately took to social media to argue that it was part of history. Although Monaco is a historic track, its history is not enough to hide it from the truth - it’s a boring race.

Do Formula One fans watch the sport for an entertaining race, or do they watch it for a history lesson?


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