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Nikita Mazepin: "I hope to return to Formula 1"

Written by Andrew Lwanga, Edited by Sasha Macmillen

(Image: Clive Mason/Getty Images)

The Russian who drove for the Haas Formula 1 team in 2021 was in line for a sophomore year with the American outfit, even taking part in the first of the pre-season tests. Mazepin and title sponsor Uralkali were then subsequently dropped by the team a few weeks before the season began following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Mazepin's father, Dmitry is a Russian businessman with close ties to Russia's president Vladimir Putin. This relationship resulted in both Nikita and Dimitry Mazepin ending up on the European Union's sanction list.

In the aftermath Mazepin, has maintained a vocal presence and in a recent statement to state media Ria Novosti, the Russian expressed that he still holds out hope for a return to the pinnacle of Motorsport and if not, at least a return to racing.

"My career is now on hiatus" Mazepin said.

"But I have been involved in motorsport for 18 years, and I have no intention of leaving it. I'm keeping fit and I hope to return to Formula 1."

"If it doesn't work out, I will consider other options. For example, I'm interested in racing in the desert. The Dakar is possible, as is the Silk Road rally."

The 23-year-old admitted that his life had "radically changed". Mazepin also founded a We Compete As One foundation aimed to provide psychological or legal assistance to athletes who had lost their spots due to political reasons.

"My life has changed radically in just one month" he explained.

"I'm thinking about taking part in some competitions in Russia. All things in life, however, even the bad ones, have a beginning and an end."

"I hope that soon there will be another change, this time positive, in my life and in my career."


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