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Norris insists next-gen F1 cars must focus on driver comfort

Written by Carl Hilliard, Edited by Sean McKean

Image Credits - McLaren

Since 2022, with the introduction of the ground effect regulations, F1 drivers have been vocal on the topic of discomfort in their cars, due to reduced ride height in order to gain maximum downforce and speed.

With the 2026 engine regulations on the horizon, McLaren’s Lando Norris believes the FIA needs to implement a way to make the cars more bearable and provide extra comfort.

“Could it be better? And was it better a few years ago with the old cars? 100%,” Norris told the media.

“I think we do complain sometimes,” the British driver added. “But certain things are for good reason, for our own bodies and the safety and health side of things. So I think there’s areas to improve on for sure.”

Image Credits - Formula One

Norris stood firm on the belief that it is up to the FIA to ensure these issues are addressed and not the responsibility of the 10 teams on the grid. 

“I think it does need to be improved a little bit, because the teams just make the quickest cars, and then we drive them,” Norris continued. “You still have to run these cars extremely low and stiff, and all of these things, and this takes a toll on you.

“I struggle a lot with my body and back and all of these things. And I have to do a lot now, which I didn’t have to do a few years ago.

“I wouldn’t say it’s directly because of the car, I think a little of it is just natural for me, but I think things in the long term need to be improved, especially if I want to be here for many more years,” Norris concluded.


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