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Norris to stay at McLaren till 2025

Written by Tanishka Vashee, edited by Esmée Koppius

Lando Norris is set to be part of McLaren all the way to the end of 2025. The 22-year-old had signed an extension just before last year’s Monaco Grand Prix, making him part of McLaren beyond 2022. Following a stellar performance in 2021, they have decided to lengthen it to a four year agreement- starting this year.

He scored four podiums, his first ever pole at the Russian Grand Prix and came very close to claiming his first win but the odds were against him. Despite the minor setback, Lando had a brilliant 2021 campaign.

Speaking about the contract extension, team principal Andreas Seidl says “the opportunity to extend our relationship with Lando reflects not only our commitment but our belief and confidence in his talent, it is also a strong sign of trust and commitment from Lando in us as a team and our journey to World Championship contention.

Lando has shown impressive growth as a Formula 1 driver over the past four years and has been an instrumental part of the team’s momentum and performance trajectory,” Seidl added. “We are still on our journey to fight at the front and Lando is a key element of our plan, so to lock him into place, alongside Daniel [Ricciardo] and our senior leadership, gives us stability and continuity as we build towards our ultimate shared goal of World Championships.”

Lando has been part of McLaren since 2017, he went on to express his joy by saying that the team felt like home. He has grown up with the team and is part of the journey they are on. He sees and feels all the work, investment and commitment for the team to be in a position to challenge for wins and titles in the future. It gives him huge confidence looking forward, so it was a natural decision to extend their relationship for the next few years.


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