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Oliver Bearman dominates and secures first sprint race victory of the season

Credits: Formula 2

Formula 2 returns for the seventh round of the season, this time taking to the Red Bull Ring. The battle for the championship is heating up with Paul Aron leading the standings with 107 points, Isack Hadjar isn’t far behind sitting with 91 points.

Dennis Hauger secured pole on Friday afternoon with a 1:15.487, his second pole position of the season. Joshua Dürksen and Gabriel Bortoleto rounded out the top three. For the sprint race, the top 10 in qualifying is reversed, meaning Kush Miani will be beginning on pole with Oliver Bearman and Pepe Martí rounding out the top three. 

After a difficult start to the 2024 season, Bearman prevailed and secured his first win of the season. But how did it all unfold?

As it happened

Oliver Bearman shot ahead and was able to maintain a steady gap ahead of the rest of the 21 drivers. Isack Hadjar dropped down to 12th after a disastrous start for the Frenchman. Crossing the line for lap 2, Bearman was miles ahead and edging away from DRS range. 

Kush Maini had a difficult start to the race, under pressure from Taylor Barnard and slipping away from Marti running ahead of him in second. 

The Briton looked to make a move on the Invicta Racing driver, however, didn’t wasn’t able to complete the move and dropped back. Maini was able to bounce back, putting in the fastest lap on lap 6, losing Barnard from his tail.

Paul Aron was on a hunt for a seventh consecutive podium finish, the Estonian was beginning to gain on Maini, chipping away at the gap every lap.

The race settled down with drivers waiting for the right moment to pounce. The top five were all in contention for victory in Spielberg. Aron moved on Maini on lap 21, overtaking the Indian after sticking behind the Invicta Racing car. In the midst of it all, Gabriel Bortoleto was able to overtake his teammate on the same lap.

Marti was catching up with Bearman in the closing stages, sitting just 0.6s behind the Briton. The Red Bull Junior was in the hunt for the win, flying around the circuit. Bortoleto was now on the tail of Aron’s car and with one lap to go, the Brazilian was edging closer to the Estonian 

Colapinto running in fifth was tumbling down the pecking order after suspected engine issues for the Argentinian, a disappointing result after an incredible race from the Williams Academy Driver.

After leading for 28 laps, Bearman crosses the line and secures his first victory of the season, an incredible comeback after a difficult start to the season. Marti crosses the line in second and Aron keeps Bortoleto at bay and rounds out the podium positions.

A tough race for Hadjar, sees the Frenchman earn no points with his championship rival extending his lead.

The top 10

Credits: Formula 2

1 - Oliver Bearman

2 - Pepe Marti

3 - Paul Aron

4 - Gabriel Bortoleto

5 - Franco Colapinto

6 - Dennis Hauger

7 - Kush Maini

8 - Jak Crawford

9 - Joshua Dürksen

10 - Zak O’Sullivan


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