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Opinion: Who Has the Best Lineup on the 2023 Grid?

Written by Izzy Chaisty, Edited by Sean McKean

Image Credits - The Telegraph

The United States Grand Prix gave fans everything they needed, from Lando and Oscar’s finish - the - lyrics, to Charles and Carlos dressed as cowboys. All the media over the weekend had me thinking one thing though: Who has the best driver pairing on the grid this season? In my own opinion, of course.

If you asked me this question at the beginning of the season, I’d have never considered Lando and Oscar, now dubbed Landoscar by McLaren fans. This is their first season together and — to be honest — they were awkward, both were in a new dynamic with Lando as the senior driver on the team.

However, from the Silverstone Grand Prix and on, we really saw their friendship begin to shine through as Oscar came out of his shell. Their friendship has only made their time on track so much better with a double podium for McLaren at the Qatar Grand Prix. Their video from the United States Grand Prix weekend, the finish - the- lyric challenge, has had edits galore made on TikTok with fans loving the dynamic between them whilst they sang Taylor Swift.

Charles and Carlos have to be up there in the best team dynamics, in my opinion, purely because they both have to deal with Ferrari’s strategy together., Even though Carlos sometimes takes over the strategy, they’ve bonded over it now. Their chaotic sibling energy makes for pure entertainment in every video we see of them.

Ferrari media know what they’re doing when they post the bloopers of the CSquared videos, with my personal favourite always being the guess the country with emojis challenge. This is essentially who is the funniest pairing on the grid, in my opinion the fact that both Charles and Carlos are trilingual makes for very funny bloopers and language barriers.

I think the real best driver dynamics rest outside of the driver pairings — I love how they all have their friendship groups and cliques. George Russell and Alex Albon are a criminally underrated duo. They grew up racing together, and now they’re in F1 and part of the fan favourite group, The Twitch Quartet.

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, dubbed Maxiel, were a great driver pairing in 2019 and they’re still an iconic duo in 2023 — I know I, along with a lot of fans, would love to see them reunited on the grid if Red Bull decide not to renew Sergio Perez’s contract.


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