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Oscar Piastri Signs for McLaren for 2023

Written by Owen Bradley, Edited by Sasha Macmillen

Credit: Clive Mason

Oscar Piastri will race for McLaren in 2023, alongside Lando Norris.

This news comes after months of speculation on Daniel Ricciardo’s career, and who would replace him in McLaren should he leave. Of course, as we now know, he did in fact leave McLaren - and now the 2020 F3 Champion, and 2021 F2 Champion, will be headed to Formula 1 with McLaren. Piastri has had a very interesting career so far, and Piastri has seemed destined to be in F1 for a long time now.

Credit: Bryn Lennon

However, with the drama of contracts to Alpine, and some arguments and legal problems with Alpine and Otmar Szafnauer, his career has already gotten off to an interesting start. McLaren will also now have one of the youngest teams on the F1 grid, with Lando Norris (22 Years Old) and Oscar Piastri (21 Years Old). What do you think about Piastri signing for McLaren? Will he and Norris make a good pairing? Should Piastri have gone to Alpine? Will Piastri outperform Norris?

So many questions! We’d love to hear your opinions!

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03 sept. 2022

I would be quite worried if I were Oscar - Lando appears to extract the max from the Mclaren every race, which sometimes merits a solid result in and around say 4th, 5th place. Lando has also been with the team a while and has a long contract ahead, 2025 is in my head for some reason ? British driver, british team, a tricky car for even experienced guys to drive and develop. It would not surprise me if Oscar regrets not being at Alpine in due course, a car that is steadily improving and is probably about equal in performance (in Alonso's hands anyway) to the Mclaren. He also knows the Alpine team inside out so integration into the…

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