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Pre Qualifying Pace Analysis

Written by Ive Bauk, Edited By Tanishka Vashee

I believe that this very extraordinary FP2 result had us all thinking maybe Ferrari regained some speed. Are other teams just sandbagging? The results of the third free practice too were very much in favour of the Italian squad. There could be many other reasons why Ferrari would get 1, 2 in any of the race weekend sessions.

Thanks to these very neat graphics by Federico Albano from, we can now delve into some specific parts of the track where it is obvious that Ferrari is faster than the rest of the pack.

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

First of all, it’s important to notice that both Ferrari drivers found performance straight away, which means they spent less time adapting to the car/track so they had more time to think about setting up the car perfectly. As you probably know, Leclerc had PU issues in FP1 so Carlos Sainz was the one that started putting in faster laps first.

It’s also important to note that Ferrari didn’t simply drive with less fuel. They had the fastest long run pace too. To sum this all up, Ferrari was the fastest car on Thursday and race pace equally. 

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