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Putting yourself out there and sharing your true passion: Eight questions with Molly Bristow

Conducted and written by Jasmin Low, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Credit: Molly Bristow

Molly Bristow is an Australian content creator, whose following has skyrocketed during the course of 2023, and Divebomb had the pleasure of interviewing her about what she has done so far, how her love for Motorsports has come about, and her future goals. 

Her passion and love for Motorsports is evident, despite the pressure of being a content creator, and we also discover why Molly decided to begin her content creating journey. 

Jasmin Low: What made you fall in love with Motorsports?

Molly Bristow: I come from a very sport-loving family. My Dad used to be a professional rugby league player, and is obsessed (I would say) with watching, listening to, and playing sports. 

Thus, I was always watching sports like Rugby, Football, Netball, Cricket, Swimming, Oztag, Touch Footy, Golf, and so many more, growing up. I remember being little and seeing my dad watch the Australian Supercars Bathurst 1000 on TV, and at the time, I didn’t really give it any thought as it went on for so long and I was too busy doing cartwheels around the house! 

As the years went on, however, I became more and more interested in watching motorsports like the Australian Supercars, MotoGP and Formula 1 alongside my dad. Something about the noise, the speed, and the atmosphere is what pulled me in. 

I have volunteered at a few Supercars events, and this made me love the sport and motorsport fans and their passion even more.  Every time I watched a race (even to this day) I am blown away with the fact there is a human controlling those cars and bikes, so I guess the factor of the insane ability of the drivers and riders is another reason I fell in love with Motorsports.

JL: Why did you decide to start creating content? 

MB: I have always liked posting on Instagram and making (random) TikToks, but I always kept them to myself and to just a few friends. 

In 2022 I turned my Instagram public, and started posting about some of my travels just for family and friends to see. It wasn’t until a bit later that I started posting motorsport-related content, as I didn’t think many of my family and friends would have been interested. 

However, I think when you have a true passion for something you can’t help but want to talk about it and share it with people, and due to a lack of friends being really interested in motorsport, and my dad and family over me constantly talking their ears off about it, I just started sharing it to Instagram and TikTok instead.

Credit: Molly Bristow

JL: How have you made your content unique compared to other creators?

MB: My intentions when posting on social media was never to come across as different to anyone else, my content just came from my experiences and feelings when travelling and watching Motorsports. 

What I post has always come naturally to me, and how I feel about certain aspects of the sport at the time. I love creating fun and lighthearted content, something like-minded motorsport-loving people can enjoy and interact with!


JL: What has been the best part of creating Motorsports content for you so far?

MB: My favourite part so far has been meeting like-minded people having the same passion as I do. Putting myself out there and posting motorsport content has allowed me to meet some awesome people, including the people who comment on my posts, as well as motorsport related businesses and other content creators.

JL: What is the hardest part about creating content? 

MB: I think one of the hardest things for me is the pressure I put on myself and the feeling like I have to consistently post.  No one else would even notice, but because it is something I love to do, I think about it a lot.

 Another thing is time, as sometimes I struggle to find the time to create what I truly want to show. I am a full-time University student, and have two jobs I really like, so it's always a bit of fun finding the time. It is something I love doing, and I get a lot of joy from it!


JL: How do you think creating motorsport-themed content has helped the growth of the sport? 

MB: I think content creation based around motorsports has helped the growth of sport a lot, and I think the same can be said about many sports, not just motorsports. 

Having videos, memes, podcasts, etc. based around motorsports keeps it relevant and trending, and can capture the attention of people who don’t normally follow it. 

The ease in which content is shared from person to person is another major factor, as people can share a motorsport related video to a friend, and then they might share it to another, and then it goes on and on from there.

I also think motorsport related content has helped the growth of sport through the idea of community and belonging. When scrolling on social media and you come across content that is specific to a sport, team or driver that you like, you feel like there is a sense of common interest and understanding. 

If I post something about how I loved watching Valentino Rossi and people see such content and they like it and comment on it, you are then creating a small community of people who like MotoGP.  This might attract more people into liking the sport, and it could be the start of their interest in MotoGP, and them even following the calendar.

Credit: Molly Bristow

JL: What are your future aspirations?

MB: Oh, I have so many, I don’t even know where to begin. I would love to travel the world and attend more motorsport races throughout 2024, like the Australian Supercars, Formula 1, MotoGP, Rally and so many more! 

I would love to work with, or look to be in a team’s garage (and take my dad or little brother), imagine how fun that would be! I would love to work with Motor-sporting teams in some way whether that is in social media or another field. 

There are a lot of motorsports, and other brands I aspire to work with as well. I have so many aspirations and people I look up to and who I'd love to meet. I hope to achieve all of this in my lifetime.

JL: What advice would you give to your past self if you were to start your content-creating journey again?

MB: I think I would tell my past self to just keep going, it doesn’t matter what people think if you're having fun and creating things you enjoy. Continue being yourself, and put yourself out there, as you never know what can happen! 

Or as Daniel Ricciardo would say, “Enjoy the butterflies. Enjoy being naive. Enjoy the nerves. The pressure. People not knowing your name. All that stuff. Because that’s part of it. I think if you want to stand on the top from day one there is nothing to look forward to…” 

Molly’s passion for motorsport has allowed her to create and grow an online community of like-minded people, sharing her love for all things racing to people all over the world. Gaining over thirty-thousand followers in just one year through consistent posting and creating content, Molly’s continuing success as a creator is a testament to her hard work and dedication!


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