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Red Bull launch their RB16B

One of the most anticipated car launches happened today, with Red Bull launching their RB16B car for the 2021 season.

Written By Ian Bruce, Edited by Justin Tan

The car will be driven by Max Verstappen and the incoming Sergio Perez, a driver line-up that Red Bull will hope brings them at least one title this season. This is also the last season that they will be powered by Honda engines, in name anyway, as Red Bull have already bought the rights to the intellectual property of the engines and will continue using them.

The car itself, at first glance, looks similar to their cars of the last few years, but look closer and there are definite signs that some changes have occurred. The side-pods have a different shape and the rear wing looks elongated over the one bolted to the RB16. We will cover more in our analysis later.

Will this be the car to finally and thoroughly close the gap to Mercedes? Red Bull would hope it is, because it might cost them more than just another Championship, it could cost them Max Verstappen.


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