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Red Bull Racing has announced that the car reveal of the RB16B will take place on the 23rd of September.

Written by DJ Byrne, Edited By Justin Tan

Due to the fact that there will be little regulation change for the 2021 season, most people are expecting it to look and drive similarly to the RB16.

This will be the first season Red Bull Racing will have a driver outside of their academy, their most recent non academy acquisition being Mark Webber in 2013. Fans were split by this decision, as Sergio Perez is a highly regarded driver that is always there at the right moment, but some thought Alex was mistreated. They also believed the newly rejuvenated Pierre Gasly would retake the second Red Bull seat as he had shown bags of talent during the 2020 season.

This will also be the last season of the Honda badged Red Bull as from the 2022 season onward, as Red Bull will be taking over the engine operations from Honda.

Can this season’s Red Bull challenge the all-dominant Mercedes team, or will it be the same dissapointing story for the 8th year?


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