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Daniel Ricciardo is set to drive an F1 car once again

Updated: May 13

Written by Hugh Waring

Image: XRBimages

After a lengthy hiatus from Formula 1 racing, Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo is set to make his return in July. Having spent most of the 2023 season on the sidelines as Red Bull's reserve driver, Ricciardo will finally get behind the wheel again for a Pirelli tyre test at Silverstone.

Following a disappointing 2022 campaign that resulted in Ricciardo losing his seat at McLaren, the talented driver was left with limited options for the 2023 season. Ultimately, he accepted a reserve driver role at Red Bull, which has kept him mostly confined to the team's simulator due to the restrictions on in-season testing in Formula 1.

However, Ricciardo recently confirmed to ESPN that he would have the opportunity to drive the RB19 at Silverstone in July. He expressed his excitement about getting back into a fast car and the chance to showcase his skills.

"I've been in the simulator, but I will drive the RB19 in July after the Silverstone race – I'm getting a Pirelli test," said Ricciardo. "Then maybe I'll get another one after Monza as well in September. A couple of months away [and] I'll get to feel what it's like."

Ricciardo's return to the track comes as he aims to secure a race seat for the 2024 season. With this rare opportunity to demonstrate his speed, the Australian driver is determined to make the most of it.

"I'm certainly excited to drive a fast car, but also a car that maybe still feels familiar for me – it does a little bit in the sim," Ricciardo added. "But I'm just excited to drive again and to just try to remind a team obviously I once had a lot of success with that I can still turn a fast lap."

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