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Sebastian Vettel and the rumours about his return to F1

Written by Mar Martínez, Edited by Simran Kanthi

Sebastian Vettel will retire at the end of the 2022 season after spending 16 years in Formula One. The German announced that he will focus his life on his family and other hobbies in an Instagram video that went viral.

Although he has said that he wants to retire from the circuit life, his fans and followers are hopeful that one day he will return, since he has always been one of the most committed drivers.

Vettel has recently said that he is not going to guarantee 100% that he will never return, but that he needs a lot of time to disconnect from the sport. He said, “At the moment I don't know. I'm not considering anything, because I'm leaving. Time will tell if this is possible, in the event that there is an offer of any kind. Then I'll see how I feel at that time. I'm quite happy to spend more time on other things and I'm looking forward to seeing my children. Time will tell if I get bored in three months or three years.”

Vettel has not had the best time with Aston Martin, having only one podium, and is currently eleventh in the Drivers' World Championship Standings with 32 points, disappointing when he has fought for wins and championships for most of his career. Given this, the pilot has clarified, “We expected to be more competitive last year and this year, but we have not been, and I am very happy with the way the team has progressed and how they are working together. To be competing for those positions is not exactly a dream come true, but it has been a challenge, and I think I have accepted and tried to optimize it.”

Vettel signed for the Silverstone-based team in 2020, at the same time when Alexander Albon left Red Bull. He said, “I made the decision to join Aston Martin before there was any talk about Alex leaving, so I was never close. Of course, I know Christian and Helmut, I had a little talk with them, but nothing serious.”

He acknowledges that it has been this year that he has thought the most about leaving and taking a rest from the frenetic life he has as a pilot. “I also know that if it had been an option at least, we would have talked about it, but it never got to that point. Obviously, a few months later, I might ask myself 'what if' and that kind of thing, but I'm happy with the decision I made.”

We cannot say for sure that Vettel will compete again, but what we do know is his love for Formula One and that he does not rule out a punctual lap as other drivers like Jenson Button have done.

“Obviously I love to drive, and on this track [Suzuka], I always felt very alive and the passion was always very much alive. Maybe one of these guys will feel a bit sick in future races here, I don't know”, confessed the German, just a week ago.

“I don't want you to feel like this! But I wouldn't mind racing again at Suzuka at any time. But obviously, we will see what the future holds. At the moment, I have no plans. I think there are some exciting races in Japan. I don't know, we'll see. Yes, if someone wants to register a driver for a single race! I'm sure these guys wouldn't be happy to step aside. But it would be something I would seriously consider.”

This has managed to calm the curious who wanted to know if Vettel was going to return to the track. In the long term we will not see him, but who knows what the future will bring. Will we see Sebastian Vettel winning another race before his retirement? His loyal fans can only hope.


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23.10.2022 г.

Coming to one of the points of discussion here, 40 secs off Norris, with a SC intervention too... Daniel is in dire trouble. I haven't seen it in person but I can imagine trackside his lack of confidence, early lift, tentative turn in and tardy throttle is horrible to witness. I wouldn't argue if Zak Brown tried to manipulate a way of getting Palou or O'Ward in for the remaining races. Heck, give Mario a go.... his what, 3 lap run at Laguna looked like he could crack on if he had to...and he has had more time at COTA I think. Daniel sadly, is done.


20.10.2022 г.

At times this year its been a stretch to imagine him scoring points or outqualifying or outracing Lance, to imagine he could win one of the remaining races, its almost fantasy. Seb knows the game is up, in some respects poor Seb peaked too soon after the Toro Rosso debut, the RB years and since, just a steady decline. A tragectory not unlike Danny R's actually, albeit he took longer to get going initially and obviously didn't have as high a peak. But for both, where would they go - either next year or after. Haas for Daniel, he might pull off the odd Q2 appearance but likely as not he would be racing for places even lower than this…

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