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Sebastian Vettel awarded a 3-place grid drop for impeding Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel has been awarded a 3-place grid drop for impeding Fernando Alonso in Q2. After reviewing footage of the German’s actions, as well as calling him to speak in front of the stewards, a grid drop penalty was decided as well as an additional Penalty Point, leaving him with a total of 6 Penalty Points in a 12 month period.

Written by Esmée Koppius, Edited by Aiden Hover

At the same time, Valterri Bottas, who was also called to speak to the stewards was not awarded a penalty for the incident at turn 9 and 10 and has been cleared of the allegations made towards him. He allegedly drove too slow at turn 9 and 10, resulting in a queue including multiple cars.

Sebastian Vettel apologising to the Spaniard

Sebastian Vettel may feel hard done by his penalty as, in his eyes, the blame should lie with the cars ahead who were jumping the queue. Regardless of who’s to blame, this is certainly not how Vettel would have wanted to end his birthday.

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