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Sebastian Vettel reveals he was very close to leaving F1

After the Aston Martin car launch, 4-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel was interviewed by Will Buxton. During the interview, the German revealed how close he was to leaving F1. 

Written by Sage Hou

“For sure, during the course of last year I was thinking of … what are the options and thinking of leaving and doing something else.”

“Obviously I was thinking about it, which you know it wasn’t like I was desperate to stay but I feel I still have something left and it felt like a good project to sign up for and to be part of.”

At the Italian Grand Prix in 2020, Vettel was disappointingly knocked out in Q1. The former-Ferrari driver decided to head down to Turn 11, the famous Parabolica corner to see the F1 cars fly past the historical corner. 

'Didn't hit the apex!' – Sebastian Vettel watches Monza qualifying from trackside. Read more about how the 4 time world champion nearly didn't continue in F1 for 2021. — DIVEBOMB (@projectdivebomb) March 4, 2021

He even jokingly remarked that one of the Mclarens “didn’t hit the apex”.

Vettel at Parabnolica after his Q1 exit to watch the F1 cars finish their final qualifying session.

Vettel confirmed that going down to that famous corner certainly had an impact on his mindset towards his future plans. We’ll all be eager to see what the German can produce in a car that is truly in the fight for multiple podiums and P3 in the constructors championship this season. 

Source: F1

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