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Senior Aston Martin Aerodynamicist Mariano Alperin signs for McLaren

Written By Hugh Waring, Edited By Vyas Ponnuri

McLaren has signed Senior Aston Martin aerodynamicist Mariano Alperin, as they look to continue their recruitment initiatives.

Images: Steven Tee / Motorsport Images

This follows the massive restructuring of McLaren's Formula 1 team, with Technical Director James Key’s departure, and the return of Ferrari’s Head of Vehicle Concept, David Sanchez. The team has now announced a further signing of Mariano Alperin, Chief of Aerodynamic Technology at Aston Martin.

It has also been announced that its aero department will be expanded, with agreements of up to 15 new individuals on the British team. It is expected that some of these personnel changes will make the move to the Papaya-orange team from Aston Martin, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing.

The current Head of Aero Performance and Analysis at Aston Martin, Alperin has been confirmed to join McLaren, having been at the rival British team since 2019. He is expected to help match McLaren’s ambitious targets to move up the F1 grid, overseeing the completion of new aerodynamic facilities, including a new wind tunnel and simulator.

Alperin will join the Woking restructure, which will be headed by the trio consisting of David Sanchez (Head of Car Concept), Peter Prodromou (Head of Aerodynamics), and Neil Houldey (Head of Engineering and Design). The Argentine is part of the revitalised Aston Martin team and will bring McLaren a great level of experience having previously worked at AGS, Minardi, and British American Racing, eventually becoming Head of Aerodynamics between 2006-2007 at Honda. Alperin later joined the Sauber F1 team between 2008 and 2019, as Head of Aerodynamic Development.

Image: Motorsport Images

Zak Brown made a comment following the recent restructuring last week:

“It’s important now that we ensure we have a solid foundation as the next phase of our journey,

“It has been clear to me for some time that our technical development has not moved at a quick enough pace to match our ambition of returning to the front of the grid. I’m pleased that, having completed a full review with Andrea, we are now able to implement the restructure required to set the wheels in motion to turn this around.

“These strategic changes ensure the long-term success of the team and are necessary to see McLaren get back to winning ways. We have everything coming into place now with our people and infrastructure and alongside an exciting driver line-up, I’m determined to see McLaren get back to where we should be.”

1 comment

1 Comment

Mar 29, 2023

I really enjoy Zak Browns comment - 'it has been clear to me for some time that our technical development has not moved at a quick enough pace'

So he does at least know where the failings in the team are... makes you surely wonder, after a number of years of underperforming why he didn't act sooner. Not doing so could also be considered not moving at a quick enough pace. Its my current McLaren line I trot out regularly but its time for Zak to vacate smartish.

The thing that McLaren seem to lack is what the dominant teams often have, so everyone at the moment is talking about the RB aero package which is devastatingly effective in a…

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