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Should F1 Switch to a Revolving Calendar?

Written by Michael Randall, Edited by Nakul Naik

Image sourced through FOM

There has been talk regarding the idea of getting rid of tracks like Spa-Francorchamps to house new tracks like Las Vegas on the F1 calendar. All of this talk has led to the idea of a rotating calendar. In this idea, there would be certain tracks that would be swapped in and out every year. This would make it so that countries wanting to host an F1 Grand Prix could at least have a chance of doing so.

Most F1 teams have stated the fact that the twenty three race calendar, as seen above, is their limit and that they would not want any more races. But, some of the newer tracks, such as Miami and Las Vegas, which were added primarily to capture the growing fan base in the country, could be rotated in and out of the calendar every year. All of this could lead to fans being able to watch the tracks they love, like Monaco, Spa, Silverstone, Interlagos, and Suzuka, being played throughout the season. This idea could also bring back some iconic tracks that fans have been wanting to see such as Kyalami and Sepang.

This, if used correctly, could usher in a new era for F1 where classic and new tracks are brought together. It is one of the best ways for F1 to bring in new tracks to diversify its fan base while also staying in touch with its roots. This is certainly an improvement over permanently removing a track from the calendar, and is a step in the right direction to making F1 a true world championship.


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