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Spanish Grand Prix Has Final Chicane Removed

Written by Isabel Brito, Edited by Ishani Aziz

Credit: Miquel Rovira via Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Yesterday Formula 1 officially announced that the Circuit of Barcelona is undergoing a change ahead of the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix. It has been decided that the final sector chicane will be removed leaving the layout with 14 turns instead of 16.

Ultimately this means a faster turn for the drivers, increasing the speed of this sector. For that reason TECPRO barriers will be added in order to compensate for the high speeds that fans are set to expect in the upcoming Spanish GP.

The new layout thus has a track length of 4.657 kilometers, which is 18 meters less than the previous year. At least 80 meters of gravel have been added in turn 1 and 2, as well as fencing to the area. This new layout is in fact tried and tested, particularly by Moto GP for several years. Formula One has opted to join the motorcycle series, hopefully producing some dynamic racing. Other new features include the remodeling of track scoreboard, a new signaling tower, and a change to the corporate lounges.

After 15 years of racing with a chicane on the final sector, the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya applied to remove the chicane to the FIA. After its approval, changes to the track were set in motion in December 2022, and were scheduled to conclude by the end of March. With the plans now complete, fans are eager to see the new and improved circuit, back in full force with what we hope will produce faster lap times and exciting racing.


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