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Toyota Reveals Concept Car ”GR H2 Racing Concept”

Written By Jeremy Pineda, Edited By Meghana Sree

Credit - Toyota

Toyota unveiled their new GR H2 Racing Concept which is hydrogen-powered. The car was revealed on Friday (06/09/2023) at Circuit de la Sarthe and the former CEO of Toyota is due to complete a demonstration lap around the Le Mans Circuit on Saturday (06/10/2023). The appeal is amazing and clear, it's a hydrogen-powered and emission-free car that will spend more time racing and less topping up. A Comment made by Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda says: “My goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in motorsports without sacrificing anything in terms of performance or excitement.” This is a huge step for the world of motorsports because this could mean less carbon emissions, renewable energy, efficient power source, and no air pollution or harmful fumes. This is mainly huge for Toyota as a manufacturer because it shows they're being able to adapt to a new and eco-friendly generation of motorsport. Toyota will be the first WEC manufacturer to build/develop a hydrogen prototype concept car.

The GR H2 Racing Concept is expected to have its debut in 2026 along with a forthcoming category which is also expected to debut in 2026.

Credit - Toyota


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