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WCW: Corrina Betsch [Schumacher]

Written by Bruna Brito, edited by Tanishka Vashee

Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman. In honor of the birthday of seven-time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher, who turned 53 on Monday. This week, wcw will talk more about the woman by his side, his wife, mother to their kids, entrepreneur and equestrian Corrina Betsch.

Born in March 2nd 1969, at the city of Halver in Germany, Corrina is mother of Gina-Maria and Mick Schumacher. Mick is a very well known character to all of us, passionate about motorsport and Formula one.

One of Corrina’s greatest passions is horses, according to her, it all started when the family presented Gina with a pony, called Shetland. The gift opened her eyes to a new kind of investment, as soon afterward, Corinna bought more horses and began showing them off at the American Quarter Horse Association competition, focusing on Trail and Pleasure Classes. This act marked the beginning of his career in the segment.

Corrina has won NRHA European Affiliate titles and an NRHA Intermediate Non-Professional World Championship. However, she wasn’t the only Schumacher with a passion for Reining, as Gina graduated from the world of English Saddles and turned her attention to the sport as well. She first showed a pony on the reins at age 9, then passed on to her mother’s horses. A viable and successful pattern evolved, where Corrina would ride a horse for a few seasons before passing it on to Gina.

The matriarch then founded the CS Ranch in Givrins, Switzerland, which became a base of operations. Which is home to around 25 horses and the scene of several prestigious events. When Corinna recognized the scope of the discipline in the United States, it led to the purchase of 460 acres in Gordonville, Texas, on which she built a state-of-the-art facility. Named the XCS Ranch and completed in 2012, it is home to an impressive show and 130 breeding mares with NRHA $2 million Rider Duane Latimer as the resident trainer.

Now the two farms work together. Horses are shipped from Rancho XCS to Rancho CS each year, where they are trained in Europe and then sold to European customers.

It is a very successful program for both the Schumacher women. Her efforts have paid off, Corrina has won important Reining Championships and accolades in Europe and the United States and was the only non-professional woman to qualify for the 2021 Race for the Million hosted by Teton Ridge.

The care of those beautiful animals ensured some awards and honors, in 2010 Corrina Betsch won gold medal at the National Reining Horse Association 2010 having participated in several races in Italy. In addition to a highlight in her biography as a PETA ambassador. Besides a place of honor in the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA),she joined the select Million Dollar Owner group. Where only 16 owners were able to reach this milestone. Despite the success, Betsch ensures that everything managed the properties boils down to moments and memories along the path she shared with her daughter. “This is something Gina and I did together. This has been the most important thing,” explains Corinna.

Furthermore, she feels that they have become part of a larger family – which is worldwide. “For us, being involved in control is like being part of a family,” She concludes.

However, horse riding is not a single thing that demands many hours of your day. Unfortunately, after Michael’s accident, Skipping the end on a rock while skiing caused numerous traumas to the driver, and left deep marks in his family.

In the recent documentary produced by the streaming platform Netflix, Corrina made emotional statements: “I miss Michael every day. And I’m not the only one who misses him. The children, his family, his father, everyone around him. We all miss Michael, although he’s still here”, she admits, moved. “It’s not the same anymore, but it’s here, and that gives us the strength to continue”, he adds. “I never blamed God for what happened. He just gave him a lot of bad luck, all the bad luck you can have”, reflects Corinna, who accompanied him throughout practically his entire career, also managing his finances, and from whom he didn’t leave after the accident.

“I feel very fortunate to have met Michael. He is the most charming person I have met in my life,” she says, recalling some stories from her early days – like when she hosted a dinner for his birthday and he was the one to help her. clearing the table and washing the dishes. “I thought, ‘Now this is a real man.’”

In addition to Corinna, other members of the Schumacher family also speak in the documentary, such as Schumacher’s father, Rolf, and his children, Gina and Mick, who recall the admiration that the driver garnered on the circuits. “I have great respect for my father. Always felt. He has a lot of presence. When you enter a room, everyone is silent. That’s how I remember him,” said Mick, who decided to follow in his father’s footsteps on the slopes. “Every time I see him I think: This is how I want to be ’.”

Talking about Michael and his family can be a very sensitive subject for many people, but we could not fail to tell the story of the incredible and strong woman who is with him building a beautiful and successful family. Currently, Gina-Mari can be accompanied by highlights in equestrian competitions, while her brother Mick is a known face in Formula 1, the young driver, will compete in his second season for the Haas team, alongside his teammate, the Russian, Nikita Mazepin.


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