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#WeRaceAsOne Initiative to Continue with New Focus

The #WeRaceAsOne initiative, started last year to answer some of the most daunting problems that lie within the racing scene, will be carried on into the 2021 season with new goals and a focus on sustainability, community, diversity and inclusion. It was introduced as one of the means of fighting inequality and racism within the racing community. 

Written by Hafiz Akbar, Edited by Ryan Lack

Via the F1 website, Formula 1 has issued a statement on this:

Throughout the season, we pay tribute to the people around the world for their incredible strength and fortitude shown against the pandemic. The rainbow was chosen as it became a symbol used internationally to bring communities together. We plan to include a moment before the start of each race this season to show our united support for important issues and will be discussing this with the drivers and the teams ahead of the start of the new season. This season, the rainbow will no longer feature alongside the WeRaceAsOne platform

This new commitment will see the FIA, F1 and teams shifting their focus on nine key areas, some of which includes creating a clear path towards a sustainably fuelled hybrid engine and funding scholarships for diverse and underprivileged talented engineering students from all over the world with work experience opportunities within F1 and the teams.

Regarding the continuation of the WeRaceAsOne platform for the upcoming season, Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1, said:

Our WeRaceAsOne platform was very effective at raising the awareness of socially important issues and our steadfast commitment to make a positive change. We are very proud of it and the teams have embraced it fully.

This initiative has received much backlash over the few weeks after the end of the 2020 season because of continued support of initiatives and drivers that go against the meaning of ‘We Race as One’, opposition is steadily growing.


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