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What can we expect from Mercedes after the summer break?

Written by Diya Gohil, Edited by Ishani Aziz

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Mercedes have had a surprisingly good run over the last few F1 races, though the W13 still struggles to keep up with the pace of the Redbull, we have seen a significant improvement in the team with them almost matching their pace to Ferrari. At the start of the season 1.2 seconds off their pace to now around 3/10ths of a second behind.

Mercedes are expected to bring in even more new upgrades after the summer break, hopefully closing their gap in performance to Redbull. Their performance of late has led to both their drivers; Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, on the podium alongside Max Verstappen at the French and Hungarian Grand Prix (Lewis placing second and George third).

Andrew Shovlin, engineering director for Mercedes even stated that:

“We’ve got more coming, so we’re trying to bring some performance to Spa that will hopefully close that gap. We haven’t got far to go now, but we’ll keep developing the car for a while”.

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AMuS’s Michael Schmidt has also mentioned that Mercedes will now be working on getting back the downforce they ‘removed’ after they have finally managed to control the porpoising on the car. The Mercedes team also believe that Redbull and Ferrari might be impacted by the technical directive, possibly losing 2/3 tenths (though they aren’t too sure on this due to the teams seeming “too relaxed” about it).

So seeing a change in pace with George Russell also getting his first ever Pole position at the Hungarian Grand Prix it seems that Redbull and Ferrari should be on the lookout for the potentially stronger Silver Arrows after the summer break.


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