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What makes the Monaco Grand Prix so special

Written by Isabel Jane Caporaso, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri 

Set in the most luxurious place on earth, a race which puts the streets of Monte Carlo in stand-by, where glamour and sports meet: The Monaco Grand Prix. 

Since its first outing in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix has always been defined as the most awaited race on the calendar, but what makes this race so special? 

Felipe Massa at the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix; Credit - Darren Heath

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Monaco is the history behind the track. In 1911, the improvements of the automobile sector made Europe fall in love with the concept of racing cars. As a matter of fact, many different countries began to host national car races, with the intention of demonstrating how far the mechanical evolutions had come, and to promote tourism in their own country. 

For this reason, Monaco set out to create one of their own. The country had already held the Monte Carlo Rally, which saw the drivers begin a race in different parts of Europe, to then close it off in the heart of Monte Carlo. 

This came across as very successful, and the Automobile Club de Monaco decided to promote it as the Monaco Grand Prix, but it was denied, as one of the requirements needed to create a new track was that all of the circuit had to be within the borders of the country. 

Eventually the Automobile Club decided to use the roads of Monte Carlo as a circuit, creating what is still known to this day as the most revered, and complex track in the history of Formula One. 

Monaco's streets hosted races as early as the 1930s; Image Credits: Ullstein bild/ullstein bild

The intensity of the circuit is another reason why it is so admirable. Thanks to Monaco a new style of car racing was introduced to the world, where the technique used by the driver was the main focus. 

Its narrow corners and short straights made it in fact a very technical circuit, where the talent of the driver would come in handy. 

To this day Monaco is known for its vigour, and it forms a part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, an unofficial achievement where drivers try to win three of the most prestigious races ever: The 24 hours of Le Mans, Monaco Grand Prix, and the Indianapolis 500, only ever won by Graham Hill in 1972.

The 1990 Monaco Grand Prix; Credit - Pascal Rondeau/Allsport/

The alluring atmosphere is definitely what characterises Monaco. Beauty and luxury have always been what makes this race so special. A one of a kind aura which attracts press and media like nothing else, the Monaco Grand Prix is definitely an unmatchable experience. 


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