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What the heck are Ginetta’s?

Written by Tom Evans, edited by Hazel Alagappan

If you’re not from the UK there’s a pretty high chance you’ve never heard of Ginetta Junior, or any Ginetta series for that matter. If you haven’t your missing out! Whilst the racing may not be the cleanest (especially in the lower categories) it’s certainly very entertaining and showcases the next crop of talent coming through the UK touring car ranks. So here’s a quick overview of each main Ginetta series.

Ginetta Junior

This is the first step on the ladder of Ginetta series. It’s aimed to be a drivers first experience in cars, which is why it’s age restrictions are 14-17 years old. The car uses the Ginetta G40 chasis which will crop up a couple of times in this article as it’s used throughout serveral series. They run Michelin road tyres, and less engine power (see fig. 1).

Ginetta G40 Cup

This is the next step up the ladder for an aspiring Ginetta driver. The cars have slightly more power than previously, and run alongside the Ginetta GT5 Challenge as a lower class race which races on track at the same time. This allows the series to have much more coverage online and on TV making it a good training ground for any young driver.

Ginetta GT5

This series is the next step up the ladder and has an age restriction of 17-99+. It’s main aim is to introduce drivers to things like slick tyres and faster cars, to prep them for a potential racing career. These cars have around 50 more horsepower than the Junior series and 30 more than the G40 Cup. Check table for more stats

Ginetta GT4 Supercup

Now we’re getting serious. These cars have all the bells and whistles, with a 5.2L V8 engine pumping out 5X more than your standard Ginetta junior car. This time, it’s using the Ginetta G56 chasis with ultra slick tyres and a better overall look and feel.

Ginetta Junior Winter Series

This is technically a different series, but runs on the same chasis and engine as the regular junior championship. This only lasts one weekend in November, usually taking place at Brand Hatch. It offers a number of prizes including parts and discounts for future seasons.

Ginetta Junior: 100HP, 120MPH, 830KG

Ginetta G40 Cup: 135HP, 125MPH, 840KG

Ginetta GT5: 155HP, 130MPH, 805KG

Ginetta GT4: 500HO, 165MPH, 1250KG

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