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Will Franco Colapinto Secure a Formula 2 Seat for the 2024 Season?

Written by Mahia Alarcon, Edited by Sharifah Zaqreeztrina

Franco Colapinto getting ready to get in the car in Monaco (Image Credits - Rudy Carezzevoli - Formula 1/Getty Images)

What do we know so far?

Franco Colapinto is a driver from Argentina who most recently competed in F3. However, last week it was heard from his management that there might be a chance for him to progress into F2. This came following the viral trending hashtag that was created by his fans to support Colapinto and his career.

Fans were informed weeks ago by the Argentine driver himself, that he did not know if he would be in F3 next season and that stepping up to the next category is a wild dream because of the budget required to participate in a season of Formula 2. This is obviously not an ideal situation for Colapinto, hence his fans felt the need to help out as much as possible. Argentina craves their driver to progress and eventually makes his way to F1, since the last driver to represent the country was Gastón Mazzacane in the seasons 2000/2001, racing with Minardi.

Within days of these news hitting social media, the hashtag #FranColapintoaF2 went viral and fans started tagging other Argentine celebrities, from footballers, singers to other sportsmen who can potentially help Colapinto reach his newest goal. The main force behind this whole movement is @Colapinto_news who wants the best for the Argentine driver and is willing to reach out to anyone that can assist him to progress.

Franco Colapinto celebrates his win at Silverstone's Sprint race in Formula 3 this season (Image Credits - Joe Portlock - Formula 1/ Getty Images)

New sponsors on board

In addition, at the official press conference of Colapinto at the ACA (Automobile Club Argentino), Colapinto informed the public that he will be “a guest in Abu Dhabi in F2”. He also explained how there will be a chance to compete in F2 for the 2024 season, if they manage to obtain the remaining budget left.

Apart from renewing his current partnerships with Visit Argentina, Marca País Argentina and YPF, he now has two new sponsors on his side. Other than the Argentine brand Globant, top record producer and fellow Argentine Bizarrap has also recently joined his team to provide support for the 2024 season.

Franco Colapinto celebrates the Melbourne Sprint race win. (Image Credits - Joe Portlock - Formula 1/Formula Motorsport Limited via Getty Images)

With all these new additions to his journey, Franco Colapinto and his Argentine fans are closer than ever to achieve that next step of the dream : Formula 2. In the meanwhile, the only thing left to do is to wait for an announcement on his part to see if he has managed to recruit enough sponsors for the budget needed and also to keep an eye out on how he performs in the Abu Dhabi finale.

And …do you think we will see him in F2 next season? Let us know in the comments below!


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