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Will Hamilton Win in 2022?

Written by Owen Bradley, Edited by Simran Kanthi

Credit: Dan Istitene - Formula 1

Writing after the Mexican Grand Prix and after two very impressive showings for the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton seems to be in exceptional form.

However, as we all know, Hamilton has won at least one Grand Prix in every season he has competed in, a very impressive statistic that is currently being threatened by his 2022 campaign.

At the US Grand Prix in Texas, a pit stop blunder by Red Bull allowed Hamilton to take the lead in the race, but Max Verstappen put in an exceptional shift to snatch back the lead to win the Grand Prix. But, Hamilton's pace was incredible, keeping up with that Red Bull is something that even close contenders Scuderia Ferrari have struggled to do. Hamilton is undoubtedly more motivated than ever it seems, to finally get a victory - but just how hard is that going to be?

Adrian Newey, Red Bull, and Max Verstappen have designed, funded, and driven a beautiful car this year which has given them 16 race wins so far, 14 of them coming from the Number One car of Max Verstappen. Verstappen himself is in incredible form, winning the last three races in a row.

Red Bull have exceptional Top End speed (maximum speed at the end of the straights) and so with the upcoming circuits in Brazil's Interlagos and Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina, it seems like the tracks will most likely favour Red Bull. This makes life much more difficult for Lewis Hamilton, who does hope he can maintain his record of having a win in every season.

Unfortunately, it appears that if Hamilton is going to keep his record alive, it will require quite a lot of luck and fortune to come to him. Currently, he sits P5 in the Championship standings, one of his lowest-ever seasons. He is also 200 points down currently on his 2021 championship rival, Max Verstappen - a major step back from where he and Mercedes were last year.

However, there is perhaps a slight bit of good news for Hamilton fans, as he has a very impressive track record (pun intended) around Interlagos, winning there three times over the course of his career, with his 2021 comeback drive being one of his greatest ever.

What do you think? Can Lewis Hamilton keep his record going? Or is this maybe the beginning of the end of Hamilton's time in the sport?

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1 Comment

Nov 04, 2022

Its going to be tough I imagine, I can't see it happening in Brazil really...with a couple of long straights Red Bull will surely be able to either defend a place or gain a place with relative ease. I might have this wrong but I would also imagine that Mercedes is going to be a handful on the well known Interlagos bumps. Yas Marina is more possible maybe, but is again very top speed dependant and the sections that aren't are quite aero reliant and I see the Merc a way from both Ferrari and Red Bull on that score, a legacy of having to solve the porpoising earlier in the year I believe. You also have to think that…

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