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Woman Crush Wednesday: Julia Pallé

Written by Tanishka Vashee, edited by Esmée Koppius

Formula E has been dubbed as the hub of electric mobility by many, after all the series was started as a move towards sustainability. This week, we talk about Julia Pallé, the sustainability director of the Formula E championship.

Julia has a great understanding and expertise for sustainability within the world of motorsport, it was with her guidance that Formula E was declared the first sport, since conception to be declared “net zero”. Apart from Formula E, she is also an advisor on sustainability for Extreme E and works on the broader vision of FIA’s Environmental management systems.

She advocates for diversity and inclusion in the world of motorsport and hopes to achieve it through more campaigns like Formula E’s positively charged.

Ahead of the COP26, Pallé talked about the importance sports hold when it comes to the message of sustainability. She elaborated on how sports can be a platform to drive an important message home. She even spoke about how those in the roles of leadership within sports , do in fact have the power to influence a big audience and lay the framework for the road ahead.


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