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Woman Crush Wednesday: Mariana Becker

Written by Bruna Brito, Edited by Tanishka Vashee 

Mariana Gertum Becker is a Brazilian journalist and main correspondent of F1 for the country. Read on to find out more about her career, culinary talents as a pastry chef that enchanted Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen’s jet rides, live gaffes, and more.

Mariana Becker is “gaúcha” born and raised in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, who went to university in 1989. Her first job was at a radio station in Rio de Janeiro, being hired by one of the greatest television networks in Brazil. However Mariana used to work covering surfing competitions, but everything changed when she moved to Monaco, becoming the main correspondent, and one of a few women in the paddock.

Facing prejudice, and challenging herself to find a balance between respect and exclusionary quotes, Mariana Becker has seemed to have found her own style, as interviewing the drivers in their native languages.

The Quinquagenarian has Ayrton Senna as her sporting idol. When asked about the current paddock she said: “At no point is the reference to Ayrton something distant, from the past. Senna is very present. A delightful surprise, French drivers like Gasly and Ocon, and Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc, who was born after 1994, have Ayrton as their idol. ”

Talking about her friendships, Mariana Becker had a debt with Daniel Ricciardo: “I made the brigadeiros, he ate three at once. Then he said ‘enough!I don’t want to gain a lot of weight'”. It seems like a lucky candy because it was at the Italy Grand Prix that Daniel Ricciardo won his first victory in the papaya team’s uniform.

About her gaffes live Mariana has already told stories about when Neymar and Daniel Alves watched the Spanish GP. As a Brazilian media representative, she had to interview them, but in the midst of the mess and thousands of journalists rushing to do the same, she fell to the ground and ripped his pants in front of the VIP club paddock area.

However, the Brazilian journalist does not only experience conflicting moments, as it is not uncommon to see her sharing stories on her social networks from the view of an airplane window, whose symbol is an orange lion, but that’s also right, Mariana has already told at which time, she is invited to accompany Max, his team and other journalists on the rides promoted by the Dutch driver, especially during the sections followed by races across Europe.

Seeking to be impartial as always, Mariana is an already known and respected figure, is always treated by her name by seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton, with whom he has had many conversations on and off the tracks.

Mariana Becker’s brilliantness and dedication are commendable and serve as an inspiration to thousands of Brazilian fans and girls who seek to secure the same career.

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