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Woman Crush Wednesdays: Isabelle Galmiche

As history was being made last weekend, it is only fitting that this week’s instalment of Woman Crush Wednesday is about the woman that made it. This weekend, Isabelle Galmichi won the Rally of Monte-Carlo, co-driving for Sébastian Loeb. This marked the first time a female co-driver won a WRC since 1997, when Fabrizia Pons won the Rally of Monte-Carlo with Piero Liatti.

Written by Esmée Koppius, Edited by Tanishka Vashee

Isabelle Galmiche was born on the 19th of November in 1971 in France. Not much is known about her upbringing, but we can confidently state she is very smart. Becoming a Mathematics teacher is no easy feat.

To date, she has participated in seven rallies. One in 2007, when she paired up with Dominique Rebout, they finished 43rd in the Rally of Portugal. Then in 2013, she participated in four rallies, partnering up with Quentin Gilbert. Again, taking part in the Rally of Portugal where they finished 26th. She skipped the next two rallies and took part again in the Rally of Italy, where they finished their highest of the season:19th. Together they finished 33rd in the Finnish Rally and 40th in the German Rally. 

Then, in 2017 she partnered up with Jean-Michel Raoux. Together they only participated in one rally: the German Rally, where they finished 24th.

This race season she partnered up with Sébastian Loeb, and if the first race is an indicator they are a force to be reckoned with. We at divebomb cannot wait to see more of her in action and wish her a very good upcoming season.

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