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Woman Spotlight Wednesday: Lilou Wadoux

Written by Ramiza Donlic, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Women have played an influential role throughout the history of motor racing. Many have taken to the wheels of motorsport machines, while numerous figures have worked tirelessly on the sidelines in various roles, shaping the racing world to the present day. Woman Spotlight Wednesday aims to take a look at the tales of these superwomen, who have surpassed various hurdles to reach where they are today.

Lilou Wadoux is quickly becoming a prominent figure in motorsport, marking her territory with impressive skill and determination. Born on April 10, 2001, in Amiens, France, Wadoux's passion for racing began at a young age. Her journey from karting enthusiast to professional race car driver is a testament to her talent and hard work.

Lilou Wadoux's fascination with motorsport started when she was just a child. Encouraged by her family, she began karting at the age of seven. 

She spent her early years honing her skills on local tracks, where she quickly stood out for her competitive spirit and natural ability. Karting provided her with a solid foundation, teaching her the fundamentals of racing and the importance of strategy and precision.

Born on April 10, 2001, in Amiens, France, Wadoux's initial foray into racing was fuelled by a childhood passion for speed and competition and her early karting days laid a solid foundation, allowing her to develop a keen understanding of racecraft and vehicle dynamics. 

By the time she transitioned to the French F4 Championship in 2019, it was clear she possessed an extraordinary talent.

Competing against some of the best young talents in the country, she demonstrated remarkable consistency and speed. Her performance in the championship caught the attention of racing teams and scouts, opening doors for further opportunities.

Wadoux's performance in the French F4 Championship turned heads, but it was her subsequent move to the Alpine Elf Europa Cup in 2020 that began to define her career. Despite being one of the youngest and least experienced drivers on the grid, she quickly adapted to the new environment and vehicle dynamics. 

Driving for Autosport GP, she competed fiercely, earning her several top-ten finishes and solidifying her reputation as a promising young driver.


The turning point in Lilou Wadoux's career came in 2022 when she joined the Richard Mille Racing Team to compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). 

This move marked her entry into one of the most prestigious and challenging racing series in the world. Competing in the LMP2 category, she showcased her talent on a global stage, facing off against some of the most experienced drivers in endurance racing.

Wadoux’s involvement in WEC has been a significant milestone, allowing her to gain invaluable experience and exposure. Endurance racing requires not only speed but also endurance, teamwork, and strategic acumen. Wadoux's ability to adapt to these demands has been commendable, and she has quickly become a valuable asset to her team.

In 2023, Wadoux made history at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps by becoming the first woman to win a WEC race, driving for the Richard Mille AF Corse team in the LMGTE Am category. This victory was not just a personal triumph but a significant milestone for women in motorsport, highlighting her exceptional talent and determination

Recognizing her potential, Ferrari brought Wadoux into their fold in 2023 as a factory driver. This prestigious role involves competing in the GT categories, representing one of the most storied marques in racing. Her association with Ferrari is both a testament to her skill and a stepping stone to even greater heights in her career.

Wadoux's capabilities were further showcased when she was invited to test Toyota's Hypercar in Bahrain. Her performance impressed team officials, demonstrating her readiness to compete at the pinnacle of endurance racing. This test underscored her versatility and her potential to transition seamlessly between different racing disciplines and machinery.

Lilou Wadoux is known for her precise and adaptable driving style. She approaches each race with a strategic mindset, quickly learning and responding to the nuances of various tracks and conditions, which makes her a formidable competitor. 

Off the track, her commitment is equally impressive, involving rigorous physical training, in-depth analysis of telemetry data, and close collaboration with her engineering team to continually refine her performance.

Wadoux is recognised for her professionalism and dedication. She is constantly working to improve her skills, whether it's through physical training, studying telemetry data, or working closely with her engineers. Her commitment to her craft is evident in her performances and her steady rise through the ranks of motorsport.

As Lilou Wadoux continues to make her mark in the racing world, her future looks incredibly bright. Her performances in the WEC have positioned her as one of the most promising young drivers in endurance racing. With the right opportunities and continued support, she has the potential to become a major star in motorsport.

In the coming years, Lilou Wadoux is expected to continue her ascent in the motorsport world. Whether it's in endurance racing, single-seaters, or other forms of motorsport, she is undoubtedly a talent to watch. Her journey has only just begun, and the racing community eagerly anticipates what she will achieve next.


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