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Women Spotlight Wednesday: Lia Block

Written by Alejandra Guajardo Lozano, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Image Credit - Williams Racing

Women have played an influential role throughout the history of motor racing. Many have taken to the wheels of motorsport machines, while numerous figures have worked tirelessly on the sidelines in various roles, shaping the racing world to the present day. Woman Spotlight Wednesday aims to take a look at the tales of these superwomen, who have surpassed various hurdles to reach where they are today.

This article is focused on one of Williams Racing's most recent recruitments, the talented Lia Block.

Lia Block is an American racing driver, daughter of legendary gymkhana and rally racer Ken Block, who sadly passed away in January of this year in a snowmobile accident. Lia paid an emotional tribute to her father, getting behind the wheel of her father's last race car, a 1,400-horsepower mid-engine Porsche 911 monster known as the Hoonipigasus, for an exhibition run to close out this year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree”, they say. The American won her first rally championship aged just 17, the Open Two-Wheel Drive, also becoming the youngest American Rally Association champion in history.

Lia has made a name for herself already, participating in Extreme E with Carl Cox Motorsport, and from her rallycross achievements. Now, in 2024 she will be driving in F1 Academy for ART Grand Prix as a Williams Racing junior, alongside McLaren junior Bianca Bustamante.

“I am so excited to be joining the Williams Driver Academy and competing in F1 Academy in 2024!” Block said. “This is something I never could have dreamed of. I can’t wait to embrace this new experience and learn as much as possible.

“We are excited to welcome Lia to Williams Racing as our F1 Academy driver for 2024. Lia has already achieved a tremendous amount in motorsport, has incredible natural talent, and the champion mindset and dedication to make a success of her journey into open-wheel racing,” Williams' Team Principal, James Vowles, commented.

Lia Block is a young, talented driver, who has already shown she has the skills to take the next step in the path to Formula 1. Even after experiencing the loss of her father, she had the mental strength to pay him tribute, and continue doing what she loves, which is racing. Now, she forays into an unknown, the path of open-wheel racing. Block is definitely a talent the spectators can´t wait to see, and root for next year.

Image Credit - Williams Racing


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