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Zak Brown: George Russell and Max Verstappen will race for Mercedes

Written by Ishaan More, Edited By Tanishka Vashee

When asked about the current lineup at Mercedes, Zak Brown commented “Lewis wins title number eight this year and is victorious in every category; they have a one-year deal with him. George is coming out of his deal, and Max has a deal he comes out of.”

Zak Brown spoke to the Daily Mail and told them “I think that’s the obvious conclusion” and added “You’ll see Max and George there in 2022”. 

Now, you might think that the contract situation isn’t true. At the start of 2020, Max had confirmed that he had signed a new contract with Red Bull until the end of 2023 (a four year extension deal), But due to the current situation where honda will be departing at the end of 2021 rumors have spread that Max may have clauses in his contract.Turns out Max does have a performance clause in his contract, which could have him at the top of the list if Lewis Hamilton decides to Bow out.

What do you think about Zak Browns Predictions? Is he being realistic or outrageous?

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