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A Quick Chat With Taylor Barnard

Interviewed by Tom Evans, Edited by Harshi Vashee

First of all, who are you and what series do you currently race in?

I’m Taylor Barnard 17, racing in F4 UAE with phm racing.

When did you start to take an interest in Motorsport?

My dad was a karting driver when I was younger and really enjoyed being at the track as a kid, one day I asked if I could try!

Who were your biggest idols growing up?

My idol is definitely Ayrton Senna.

Why did you choose your driver number?

My dad was using 77 when he was driving so I carried it!

You've won a variety of Karting championships over a number of years, but which one can you pick out as really special?

Even though I didn’t win, [becoming] vice world champion in Finland in 2019 with KR motorsport was one of the best feelings I ever had driving!

Last year was your first year in ADAC F4, with 17 points over 12 races. Were you satisfied with your results considering it was your first time, and why was that championship enticing to you?

My last year was not what we expected, I came from karting very confident to debut in Formula 4 and last season didn’t show my potential.

In the 2022 F4 UAE championship, you took your first win in single seaters in round one, race 4. Do you think you can replicate this in future rounds over the next few weeks?

In 2022 in F4 UAE I’m sure we can take more wins as a team very soon!

And finally, how far do you think you can go in the championship with 4 rounds remaining?

With some improvement, I'm confident that we can win the championship!

We are beyond thankful to Taylor for taking time out of his day to get interviewed by us, and we wish him the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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