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A step ahead of F1? - Formula E reveals the Gen3Evo

Written by Max Smolarski, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

The fourth generation of Formula E cars might be some time away in the 2026/27 season, so in the meantime Formula E have decided to expand on the Gen3, as they have done with the previous generations of the all-electric open-wheel single-seater. 

And the sport claims it will be the FIA’s fastest accelerating single-seater, going from 0-60 mph in 1.82 seconds, far ahead of next-best Formula 1 at around 2.4 seconds.

Image Credit - Formula E

The most advanced electric race car will also provide all-wheel drive, available during qualifying, race starts, and ‘ATTACK MODE’. Formula E say This feature (All Wheel Drive) maximises acceleration and control, elevating the thrill of critical race moments and intensifying driver rivalries.

CEO of Formula E, Jeff Dodds, said:

“The GEN3 Evo heralds a ground-breaking chapter in the evolution of Formula E, embodying our dedication to innovation and high performance achieved sustainably.” The sustainability of the Gen3Evo is very important, as Formula E says that not only the all-weather Hankook iON tyres will be made from 9% more recycled/sustainable material, but the sport believes this is ‘the world’s first net zero race car’.

Unfortunately for the fans of extra strategy, Formula E say that their ultra-fast recharging capabilities to deliver a “30 second 600kw high-speed charge” is “still in development”, however it is said that this should be available during the first version of Gen4 racing.

Concept photo of the new Formula E Gen3Evo, close-up from the front. Credit: Formula E

The most noticeable change in any race car is the aerodynamics, and this is certainly the case here. Spark Racing Technology’s Gen3 Evo chassis provides a much slimmer nose, a wider stacked front wing, more complex sidepods, as well as rear-wheel fenders, along with a smaller but thicker rear wing.

The Gen3Evo was unveiled on Formula E’s media day during the Monaco E-Prix weekend, with trailer footage from post-race testing in Misano. The car will begin its racing journey at the end of 2024 during the start of Season 11, rumoured by Formula E Notebook to start in Sao Paulo in December.


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