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Argentina axed from MotoGP Calendar

Written by Finn Glover, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri


The fan-favorite Argentina Grand Prix has been axed from the 2024 MotoGP calendar just 65 days before the weekend was set to get underway. 

South America’s only current MotoGP venue, the race has been under doubt since World Superbikes Argentina Round at San Juan Villicium was cancelled last October.  

Argentina is currently smeared in a messy economic crisis — the country experiencing around 160% inflation, and having a so-called ‘debt bomb’ owed to local and global creditors. Over 40% of the country is now officially living in poverty, and holding such an event like this is simply too much. In a statement by FIM and Dorna, they announced:

"Due to the current circumstances in Argentina, the promoter of the event has communicated that it is currently unable to guarantee the services required for the Grand Prix to take place in 2024 at MotoGP standards.

"This event will not be replaced on the 2024 calendar. MotoGP hopes to return to Termas de Rio Hondo in 2025."

It will be dearly missed, having been a fan favourite in its eight races at Termas, and all the races prior at Buenos Aires. It is a unique and flowing challenge loved by riders and fans alike. It's the home of some of MotoGP’s most dramatic moments — Rossi vs Marquez in 2018, as well as Aprillia’s first victory in 2022. Fans flock from all over the continent, the weekend being the fourth highest attended in the 2023 season, in what was a thrilling wet weather race. 

This will mean the calendar is reduced from 22 to 21 races — still a record-breaking season for MotoGP if the calendar stays as it is. There will also be a three-week gap between the Portuguese Grand Prix and the American Grand Prix. 

The event has been chosen not to be replaced despite pledges by fans for the return of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Newly constructed Batalon Park is the official reserve venue for MotoGP, but Dorna have chosen not to utilise this as a replacement. 

The Termas De Rio Hondo circuit experienced a fire back in 2021; Image Credit - Trend News Agency


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