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F1 Academy Announces 2024 Race Calendar

Written by Jenny Clynes, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

2023’s new all-women racing series, F1 Academy has officially announced its 2024 calendar ahead of the final round taking place at Austin on the 20th of October.

It will be the second-ever season of the series, officially kicking off in Saudi Arabia on 7th March, 2024. The 2024 season will see the exciting expansion of F1 Academy into Asia, as the first season only raced in North America and Europe. This highlights how the series has already gained an active following across the world, and seeks to elaborate on that.

Image Credits - F1 Academy/Instagram

Seven rounds are slated to take place, with some exciting new additions including Miami, Qatar, Singapore, and the final round in Abu Dhabi. With the exciting blend of some of the world’s iconic circuits — including both street circuits and traditional circuits, it is sure to be thrilling for drivers as well as the audiences.

An official testing calendar is also set to be announced in the coming weeks, sitting alongside the race calendar. This announcement comes in the backdrop of Bianca Bustamante’s historic signing, becoming the first female to join the McLaren Driver Development Programme for 2024.

Image Credit - F1 Academy/Instagram

Despite 2023 being the first ever season of the F1 Driver Academy, it has already gained huge traction, enhanced further with the recent announcement requiring all ten Formula One teams to provide both a driver and a livery to one car, starting in 2024.

This provides hope for more and more Formula One fans looking to follow F1 Academy in the future. The series is also set to be more accessible for viewers worldwide, as it has also been recently announced that races will be globally broadcasted live.

Ultimately, F1 Academy has already been a massive success, and is only set to grow in following and popularity, as it continues to provide a platform for more budding women in motorsports across the world.

F1 Academy's 2024 calendar; Image Credits - F1 Academy


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