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LIVE: Bathurst 12 Hour 2024 Updates and Results - Porsche Win, a Storm hit and a Sprint to the Finish - IGTC

Updated: Feb 18

Written and Updated by Owen Bradley

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It's a battle between the German Manufacturers of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi in a 12-Hour that promises to deliver an exceptional race to kick off the GT Season.

GT Racing makes it's long-awaited and glorious return to the asphalt, and to our screens this weekend - it's the glamourous and prestigious Bathurst 12 Hour. Some huge faces and names are racing in this event, such as Valentino Rossi - the 9-time MotoGP Champion, GTWC Sprint Winner and World Endurance Championship LMGT3 driver makes his second appearance at Mount Panorama, chasing down a first Endurance victory. Currently, his best result in a long endurance race is P3, at the Dubai 24 Hours 2023. Huge GT news dropped towards the end of 2023, that Raffaele Marciello would join Rossi and Maxime Martin at Team WRT BMW #46 which now presents itself with three extraordinary drivers behind the wheel, with a lot of GT experience from Martin and Marciello, and the huge storyline of Valentino Rossi. The #46 team start from P8 today, amongst a 30-Car grid.

Australia Race Start Time - 05:45am AEDT

United Kingdom Start Time - 18:45pm GMT

United States Start Time - 13:45pm Washington Capital

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Thunderstorms forecast, we're in for an absolutely incredible 12 Hour race.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to our LIVE coverage, it was a great event which really did showcase why this is one of the best motorsport events in the world. Valentino Rossi of course remains a huge draw to GT Racing, and he goes one place better than he was in 2023, finishing 5th in 2024. He had remarkable pace as he begins his third year in GT Racing, a result which WRT and Rossi should certainly be content with.

Bathurst 12 Hour - LIVE

PRO RESULTS - Top 5 1st #912 Porsche, Matt Campbell

2nd #75 Mercedes, Jules Gounon

3rd #22 Audi, Chris Haase

4th #13 Porsche, Evans

5th #46 BMW, Maxime Martin, Valentino Rossi, Raffaele Marciello


17:43 - Time is up, we have one extra racing lap. #912 Leads

#75 in P2

#22 in P3

#13 in P4

#46 in P5

17:36 - #22 Haase manages to make a double overtake after the #13 Porsche outbrakes himself and forces the #46 BMW off the track. The three of them are still battling for the podium with just 5 minutes remaining.

17:32 - This is absolutely heart in your mouth moments, riding damp kerbs and risking everything for the podium, 10 minutes remaining.

17:28 - Lapped traffic holds Gounon #75 up, leaving the entire chasing pack to close right up to one another, they are bumper-to-bumper with 15 minutes remaining.

17:21 - Traffic getting in the way of a few cars is likely going to be a huge factor in this final 20 minute sprint, it's currently 1st Campbell #912 Porsche

2nd Gounon #75 Mercedes

3rd Evans #13 Porsche

4th Martin #46 BMW

5th Haase #22 Audi

17:16 - #912 Porsche makes a breakaway, Places 2-5 all locked in battle as the #46 BMW looks very fast, seeking a way through on the #13 Porsche.

17:13 -

17:11 - GREEN FLAG

17:07 - We approach the final 30 minutes faced with a grandstand finish between the Top 5, including #46 BMW's Rossi team.

16:56 - 46 Minutes remain, the #46 BMW is the fastest car on circuit.


16:56 - #701 Vortex is beached on a kerb at Turn 2

16:51 - Maxime Martin #46 just took around 7 seconds out of the car ahead, under an hour remains as the leaders are struggling to heat their new slick tyres.

16:50 - #912 Porsche fits the slick tyres with their final stop, crucially it's the #46 BMW that is closing on the leading 3 cars

16:48 - Martin #46 BMW comes out behind the #22 Audi, but does manage to overtake the Audi for P4 on the road! The undercut has paid off.

16:46 - Cars #22 Audi, #75 Mercedes and a few others are now in the pit lane, as we wait to find out how the #46 BMW's bold strategy call could pay off.


16:41 - #46 BMW pits, fits the slick tyres for their final stop of this race, this will be the huge dark horse to try and take a podium or victory in this race.

16:36 - Just over one hour remaining, as the slick tyres seem to be working their way back into this race, which would be a huge advantage to cars such as the Mercedes, and especially the #46 BMW.

16:31 - ROSSI: "I've improved my pace a lot, and fought against the top guys, made two hours overall and so I'm happy." - Rossi won't be getting back into the car, as Maxime Martin will bring it home in the battle for the podium and potential outside shot for victory.

16:26 - #46 and #22 battle for P4, with a move to slick tyres potentially on the cards within the final hour.

16:20 - Marciello #46 manages to overtake the #222 Mercedes, as Marciello now chases down the #22 Audi of Haase.

16:11 - The two Porsches, #912 and #13 fight, with the #912 just about coming out on top and taking the net race lead.

16:09 - #13 Race leading Porsche comes into the pits, as all the leaders come into the pit lane, #222 Mercedes comes in followed by the #46 of Marciello.

16:06 - Gaps settling in for the final 90 minutes of this race, everyone in the Top 5 has a real shot of the victory, however it will likely take one final Safety Car to bring some people back into this race.

15:51 - #912 Porsche pits from the lead of the race, driver stints now should not be an issue for the team.

15:39 - #77 Mercedes has major suspension damage on the rear left, the suspension breaking at the double left at the top of the mountain. The #77 clipped the outside wall at the fast right climbing the hill.

15:38 - Penalties- #130 and #77 for Breachment of BOP (Balance of Performance)

15:33 - RETIREMENT - #2 Audi: Markus Winkelhock

15:26 - #912 Porsche re-takes the lead of the race from the #222 Mercedes on entry to the final chicane.

15:22 - Heavier rain now falling, with everyone on worn wet tyres, and the gap between the leaders coming down, we approach the final 2 hours with no clear or obvious winner emerging yet.

15:16 - Your leaders are: #222 Mercedes, #912 Porsche Guven, #77 Goetz, Mercedes.

15:13 -

15:04 - SAFETY CAR

15:03 - FULL COURSE YELLOW - Debris

15:00 - #912 Porsche gets past the #77 Mercedes for P2, beginning the chase for the #222 leaders.

14:58 - #701 gets tagged into a spin and has heavy front end damage, nursing it back to the pit lane.

14:57 - #13 Porsche now does get back past the #46 BMW at the final corner, Marciello strugglin under these wet conditions.

14:54 - #13 Porsche attempts a move on the #46 BMW at Turn 1, running it wide and straight on and up the escape road slightly.

14:52 - Rain is starting to get even heavier, as the #46 BMW is struggling with these cooler conditions.

14:50 - Marciello climbs aboard the #46 BMW, struggling for grip as the #912 only just beats the #46 out of the pit lane.

14:47 - Maxime Martin #46 just took a huge 3 seconds out of the leader, as the #46 now comes into the pits, right up to the bumper of Gounon.

14:43 - Rain still falling as drivers prepare for their pit stops, 6 seconds separates the Top 3, as the #46 of Martin, Rossi and Marciello now find themselves back inside the Top 3.

14:39 - #130 Mercedes running in P3 - PIT LANE PENALTY

14:33 - Maxime Martin makes a fantastic restart, making it up to P4 as the Mercedes collide, and K. Van Der Linde has to take avoiding action, giving Martin the racing line.

14:33 - GREEN FLAG


14:31 - Ford Mustang #111 has spun on the decline, going backwards down the hill.

14:27 - #912 Porsche leader comes into the pits, Jules Gounon now takes the lead aboard the #75 Mercedes.

14:18 - Leaders #912 Porsche may have to make another pit stop due to driver stint time, this race is far from over as we approach the final 3 Hours.

14:14 - The dry line now starting to form, the issue for the drivers now is that they can't differ from that line or really attempt to overtake, as they'll lose a lot of time or momentum up the Mountain.

14:07 - Contact between #888 Grenier and #13 Evans at the final chicane, they battle for P5-P6 as Maxime Martin is catching up to the Top 5, with impressive and cautious pace in the wet weather.

14:03 - #912 Porsche takes a 5-second lead over the Mercedes cars behind, Maxime Martin gains a position as everybody is crawling around this circuit, especially to the Western side.

14:00 - #912 Porsche leading, track conditions are absolutely terrible, the Mercedes in the Pro category all battle, the cars dancing all over the circuit trying to find grip. #46 Maxime Martin right on the back of these cars all battling, currently P8 and looking for a way past.

13:59 -

13:43 -


13:41 - #48 Mercedes spins around on the decline of the Mountain, such tricky conditions there as the water also runs downhill. Aquaplaining and caught with a tankslapper as well.

13:37 - #912 Porsche now legitimately lead this race, despite having served two penalties and being caught in many mistakes over the last few hours.

13:35 - #222 Mercedes, Waters now absolutely aquaplaining all across the circuit, trying to stay out on slick tyres has not paid off.

13:34 - #46 BMW now recovers after catching back up in the pit lane.

13:33 - Every single one of the leaders come back into the pit lane, with a few people staying out and attempting to brave through the weather that should simply pass through relatively soon.

13:31 - Maxime Martin #46 BMW tries to overtake a bunch of cars going into the final corner, but has to back out of it and go down the escape road. A smart move as the track is now absolutely covered in water, pit stops galore surely at the end of this lap!

13:28 - More rain now beginning to fall, torrential rain on the back half of the circuit and the entire field are all on slick tyres

13:28 -

13:11 -

13:11 - SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED - Car under the barriers at Turn 2

13:10 - #46 BMW into the pits for slick tyres, Maxime Martin gets back into the car

13:09 - Leaders pit for the slick tyres, with the track still damp offline.

13:08 - Porsche #912 comes into the pits for slick tyres.

13:07 - Mercedes civil war between three of them, with two coming together at the pit entry.

13:04 - Slick tyres are now being used on an Audi, with track conditions still quite damp, will the racing gods favour the brave and the bold?

13:01 - #75 Mercedes of Luca Stolz and #130 Mercedes of Maro Engel go wheel-to-wheel, battling away and trading paint. A thrilling battle between the pair, with no quarter given!

12:58 - Track is now very dry as some teams think about coming into the pit lane.

12:54 - #46 BMW serves their penalty and now is put further into the field as we have under 5 hours remaining.


12:52 - The #46 BMW is really struggling under these wet conditions, Marciello likely hasn't tested the BMW in wet weather conditions and therefore makes this even more difficult.

12:51 - #912 Porsche comes into the pit lane to serve their Drive-Through penalty. #46 driven by Marciello now begins the climb to the lead pack.

12:48 -

12:38 - Rumours in the pit lane are that the track will most likely dry again soon, and that we may be back in for slick tyres soon. Still under Safety Car conditions.

12:29 - Porsche #912 comes into the pits to serve their penalty BUT cannot serve this penalty under Safety Car conditions, meaning they have driven through the pit lane for absolutely no reason, giving the lead of the race to the #13 car of Buus.


12:28 - #702 Spun around at Turns 3 and 4, struggling to get it turned back around and facing the wall, potential yellow flag.

12:26 - #912 Porsche Leader of the race - DRIVE THROUGH PENALTY

12:25 - #2 Audi of Ricardo Feller has been given a 2-minute penalty for causing a collision.

12:24 -

12:21 - About to restart this race, a dry line has opened up but we are under full wet conditions here at Bathurst.

12:06 - Haase #22 Audi gets stuck behind the recovery vehicle in the pit lane, along with a lot of other cars. Storm warning has now been issued around the circuit, as everyone goes to Full-Wet tyres.

12:01 - #912 Porsche comes into the pits for the wet weather tyres, #46 may catch the Porsche and take the lead during the pit stops.

12:00 - HEAVY RAIN - most cars opting to switch onto wet weather tyres, with some teams still on slick tyres, chaos could be about to ensue after this SC restart.

11:57 - Slicks on the #46 car, they have suddenly changed mid-stop to the wet weather tyres. still behind a safety car, this could be an absolutely genius strategy move from BMW WRT #46

11:56 - Valentino Rossi pits, Marciello back in the #46 car with rain in the pit lane


11:55 - #10 In the wall at the top of the Mountain

11:48 - Rain is imminent, 5 minutes away and apparently raining extremely hard.

11:46 - Rossi makes a mistake in the final chicane, losing a position to the #22 Audi of Haase.


11:40 - Huge battle between the Top 5 as they approach GT4 traffic, the Top 3 separated by less than one second.

11:34 - Guven #912 Porsche maintains the lead with Rossi #46 got on his tail, Chris Haase #22 Audi is also right on the bumper of Rossi.

11:33 - GREEN FLAG

11:32 - Those dark clouds make their way to the West part of the circuit, teams are preparing wet weather tyres.

11:24 - Dark clouds looming large above the circuit, as rain may affect this race as we approach the halfway mark.

11:22 - Top 10 into the pit lane, driver changes for the #932 Porsche, Rossi remains in the #46 BMW as he will cruise right back up to the Porsche during this SC period.

11:20 -

11:19 - #56 Ginetta in more trouble, stranded at the side of the road after the downhill twisty section.

11:13 - #912 Laurens Vanthoor opens the gap to #46 BMW Valentino Rossi, the gap sits at roughly 3 seconds, with K. Van Der Linde just one second from Rossi, aboard the #22 Audi is Linde.

11:03 - #703 DRIVE-THROUGH Penalty for SC Infringement

10:59 - Valentino Rossi #46, #912 Laurens Vanthoor and #22 K. Van Der Linde are our Top 3, fighting for the lead of the race.

10:56 -

10:56 - GREEN FLAG

10:38 - VALENTINO ROSSI In the #46 Car after pit stop

10:36 - Ginetta #56 put a nose in at Turn 3, with there not being enough space for the #32 BMW WRT, which got sent on top of the wall, bringing out the Safety Car and a huge crash sending debris all over the uphill section of the circuit at the double left-hander.

10:35 -

10:34 - #32 BMW has a MAJOR crash, nearly sent over the barriers at Turns 3 and 4, traffic seemingly disrupting the car and sending it into a massive crash.

10:31 - The #46 BMW gets held behind traffic at the downslope, with the #32 BMW now bumper-to-bumper with the #46 and looking to get back past Maxime Martin.

10:28 - Temperatures rising, BMW's struggled in 2023 when the temperatures had risen, with the gap to the leading #912 Porsche at roughly 6 seconds, and bad weather incoming, eyes will be on the BMW's as we approach another pit stop period.

10:25 - Markus Winklehock #2 Audi closes on the 5th and 4th place cars of the #13 Porsche and #22 Audi of Kelvin Van Der Linde.

10:24 - Gaps opening up, #46 BMW now sits over 6 seconds from the leading #912 Porsche, with the #32 BMW driven by Charles Weerts just under a couple of seconds from the #46.

10:14 - #46 BMW losing time to the leader, Matt Campbell #912 Porsche who opens the gap to just under 4 seconds. A battle could ensue however, if traffic works it's way back into the path of the Porsche.

10:13 - Ginetta #56 runs wide with bodywork spraying across the exit of Turn 1, that Ginetta crew not having the greatest of 12 Hours.

10:04 - Traffic holds the BMW's up, as Campbell #912 Porsche manages to maintain the lead of the race.

10:00 - Maxime Martin #46 and #912 Matt Campbell battle for the lead as they also approach traffic

09:58 - GREEN FLAG

09:43 - The #701 spins on the downhill, potentially affected by that gravel.

09:42 - The #911 now free from the gravel, with gravel being sprayed all over the circuit and onto the downhill section of the circuit where you need front end grip.


09:38 - #911 Porsche in the gravel at the top of the mountain, beached in the gravel as we enter another Safety Car period.

09:31 - #46 and #32 BMW's go to battle once again, as Martin makes a huge mistake on entry to Turn 1, nearly losing the car completely. An absolute SUPER SAVE.

09:30 - BLACK FLAG, Pit Lane Penalty for #7

09:25 - Matt Campbell #912 Porsche leads the way and makes a phenomenal restart, the BMW's struggling with cooler temperatures, looking for the car to re-heat itself and come back to life. Campbell maintains the lead.

09:24 - GREEN FLAG

09:19 - Kenny Habul #75 Mercedes comes into the pit lane during a Safety Car, theoretically this will lose the #75 Mercedes team a lot of time, as we're nearing green flag running.

09:13 - Maxime Martin climbs aboard the #46 BMW, he opened this race for the team and managed to get them into 7th, now only a few hours later and he is fighting for the race lead! How quickly things can change in Endurance racing, with 8 hour still remaining.

09:09 - Top 3 coming into the pits, including the BMW's of #46 and #32 who are making driver changes this time around.

09:06 - SAFETY CAR, #91 Crashed on exit of Turn 2

09:00 - #46 BMW and the leader #912 Porsche now locked into battle, with the BMW's also having a fuel advantage from their pit stops earlier under Safety Car conditions.

08:59 - #111 PENALTY FOR DRIVER CONDUCT, Putting the #47 Mercedes into a spin.

08:57 - #46 BMW closes the gap to the leading #912 Porsche to UNDER 2 seconds, taking huge chunks of time out from the Porsche, and bringing the sister #32 car along with them.

08:56 - #47 Mercedes gets tagged into a spin at the downhill long left-hander, a tricky corner and nearly collects a few cars.

08:49 - #130 Mercedes serves their penalty, with the gap from the #912 Porsche and the following BMW's now just under 5 seconds.

08:47 - The top 2, battle away. The #130 does have a penalty, but that won't stop them fighting the #912 Porsche for the race lead. The #46 and #32 BMW's hot on their heels, looking for a huge result for Team WRT.

08:43 - Chaotic start as the #32 BMW hits a backmarker, #130 Mercedes has a Penalty, DRIVE-THROUGH PENALTY FOR #130 Mercedes, giving the #46 BMW P2

08:42 - GREEN FLAG

08:30 - #46 BMW and #32 BMW both come into the pits, for fuel only and meaning they could go longer into this race. We await the restart as the field bunches up.

08:29 - #56 Ginetta is now being towed, the car stopped at the side of the circuit in Sector 3.

08:26 - SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED, #701 In gravel at the top of the Mountain.


08:15 - #912 Porsche leading the way by 22+ seconds to the Mercedes #130 behind, could be a while yet before we see a lead battle. Meanwhile, the #46 and #32 BMW's are battling for that final podium place.

08:07 - Our race leader pits, the #912 Porsche. Marciello jumps the #75 Mercedes. The #46 BMW now driven by Marciello, is now P3.

08:05 - Valentino Rossi #46 BMW pits, as Raffeale Marciello jumps into the car for his first competitive race aboard a BMW, switching from Mercedes at the end of 2023.

08:03 - #32 BMW into the pits, as Winkelhock #2 also pits. The pit lane about to become extraordinarily busy, and we're going to find out if the overcut or undercut is more powerful, now that the circuit is heated up.

07:50 - Charles Weerts #32 BMW Overtakes the #46 BMW of Valentino Rossi, Rossi had a poor exit out of the final corner.

07:49 - Jules Gounon #75 Mercedes and Valentino Rossi #46 BMW are going to battle, as if anything, Gounon is holding the #46 up. That BMW has shown far more pace than the Mercedes in front, revelling in the warmer temperatures here.


  • A thrilling race after the pit stops, with the #32 BMW dropping from P1-P5.

  • Valentino Rossi took the lead of the race periodically, managing to use the overcut strategy and go from P7-P4.

  • #32 and #46 BMW's had a monumental fight, with the #46 just barely staying in front.

  • Guven aboard the #912 Porsche takes the lead of the race, with the Mercedes #130 around 8 seconds adrfit, and the #75 Mercedes a few seconds off the sister #130.

  • Huge battle between Positions 2-5, BMW vs Mercedes.

07:32 - It's Mercedes vs BMW from P2-P5, with our leading Porsche #912 opening the gap. Valentino Rossi #46 BMW is closing up on the Mercedes, with backmarkers making the gaps fluctuate.

07:22 - Ginetta #56 in more strife, making contact and going into a spin at the final chicane.

07:18 - Backmarkers get in the way of our two leaders, the #912 Porsche and #130 Mercedes. The Top 5 are now separated by only a few seconds.

07:10 - It's bumper-to-bumper from positions 3rd to 5th, with the BMW's now finding their performance after struggling on colder tyres fresh from the pit lane.

07:02 - The #32 BMW WRT driven by Charles Weerts has dropped from P1, to P5 as the Overcut strategy is absolutely dominant. Track conditions heating up!

06:59 - WRT BMW's #32 and #46 are battling for positions 1-2, holding one another up as now the Mercedes cars lead this race.

06:59 - ROSSI LEADS, the #46 Jumping EVERYONE in the pit stops!

06:56 - Valentino Rossi is in the #46 BMW car.

06:56 - All PRO drivers pit, including the #46 BMW of Maxime Martin.

06:54 - #32 BMW Sheldon Van Der Linde now follows his brother in, pitting from the race lead.

06:52 - #22 Kelvin Van Der Linde pits, without a tyre change and potential issues on the front of the car.

06:45 - PRO RESULTS, after 1 Hour.

1st #32 BMW - S.V.D. Linde

2nd #888 Mercedes - Grenier

3rd #130 Mercedes - Maro Engel

4th #912 Porsche - Laurens Vanthoor

5th #75 Mercedes - Luca Stolz

6th #2 Audi - Ricardo Feller

7th #46 BMW - Maxime Martin

8th #22 Audi - K.V.D Linde


A quiet first hour as the cars all settle into the race. the #56 Ginetta GT4 car had a major issue early into the race, with the engineers removing the entire rear bumper. Maxime Martin, who started 8th made a great move around the outside of Kelvin Van Der Linde #22 Audi. Sheldon Van Der Linde #32 BMW leads the way in that Yellow BMW.

06:30 - Nearly one hour gone, and our Pro runners are within 8 seconds of one another, visibility now fully restored for the drivers.

06:27 - Goertz #77 Transponder issues, as the Mercedes actually runs inside the Top 10

06:15 - Golden Hour on Mount Panorama, Sun and Temparatures rising means more grip and visibility, as we approach the second half hour, of the first hour.

06:11 - #56 Ginetta GT4 has a major issue, stopped in the pit lane with the rear bumper off the car. We stay green for now.

06:05 - Debris on the side of the circuit near the final chicane, as the gap between our Pro drivers, from First to Last is less than 5 seconds.

06:04 - #32 BMW already hitting traffic, almost collecting a backmarker.

06:00 - #47 Pit Lane penalty - Safety Car infringement

05:59 - Maxime Martin aboard the #46 BMW, overtakes Kelvin Van Der Linde of the #22 team, around the outside heading into Turn 2.

05:56 - Sheldon Van Der Linde aboard the #32 WRT BMW, Leads the race with the Mercedes #888 and #130 hot on the heels of the BMW.

05:54 - RACING

05:49 - 2 Laps behind Safety Car - Cars to get settled and heated up.

05:45 - GREEN FLAG

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Feb 18

Reminds me of this a little.... same circuit, different event. Had this on VHS once.

Again, strong effort doing live updates 👏 !

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