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Max Verstappen BREAKS Consecutive Win Record!

Written by Owen Bradley

Credit: Ryan Pierse

Max Verstappen has broken the consecutive win record previously held by Sebastian Vettel, by winning 10 races in a row.

Verstappen has won the last 10 races, which are:

The Miami Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix, Canadian Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, Hungarian Grand Prix, Belgian Grand Prix, Dutch Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix.

A truly exceptional record has been broken, with Max Verstappen taking victory once again at Monza, making it his 10th consecutive win. The Italian Grand Prix win to break that record, didn't come without its difficulties however, as Verstappen had to overtake the Ferrari of former teammate, Carlos Sainz.

With Ferrari being at their main home circuit in Monza, the pressure was all on them to defend from the unstoppable force that is Verstappen. And in an eerily reminiscent move on Sainz, like Verstappen tried to do with Hamilton back in 2021 (where they both ended up crashing out of the race) this time, Verstappen backed out of the move. And this one move, shows just how far Verstappen has come along over the last few years, and his overall driving maturity.

Sergio Perez would manage to finally get past the harsh defence of George Russell and both Ferrari's, to make it a Red Bull 1-2 once again in 2023.

Verstappen has won every single race since the Miami Grand Prix back in early May, and Red Bull continue their record of winning every single race so far in 2023. Verstappen has been in an absolutely unstoppable form, and a drive which was so mature and super smart, not making any outrageous moves like other drivers in the race.

Credit: Mark Thompson

He would also manage to overtake and briefly battle with his main rival, Lewis Hamilton, which further shows just how much of a difference 2 years can make, as Hamilton went on to move under braking and hit the rookie, Oscar Piastri - where Verstappen has continued to go from strength to strength and is well on his way to win a third World Championship.

Verstappen has also managed to get 27 wins since the beginning of 2022, meaning he has matched Sir Jackie Stewart's career win total, in just a year and a half.

Verstappen went on to say in the post-race interviews: "I never would have believed this would be possible, and we really had to work for it today. We have good pace, we're good on the tyres but they (Ferrari) have a lot of straight line speed."

"We had to nurse a little issue at the end, but we had enough of a gap so we could easily slow the pace down."

And so, with Verstappen currently having 10 wins as the record, could this be extended further as we head into Singapore in a fortnights time? Red Bull do typically go well in Singapore, and Verstappen might well be looking to get redemption for what happened back in the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix as well.

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