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Valentino Rossi and WRT 2023 Announcements

Written by Owen Bradley, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Credit: @follow_wrt on Instagram

Rossi and Team WRT #46’s New livery for 2023

This new livery just looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t it? This livery was announced at WRT’s Christmas party with a lot of the sponsors, drivers and important personnel in attendance. It certainly looks like a car worthy of stepping up onto the podium, that is for sure.

Rossi Will Have New Teammates in 2023

As we all know, Valentino Rossi and Belgian GT Team, WRT - will be continuing with each other heading into 2023, after a really strong and impressive year in 2022, full of consistent Top five finishes, and some exceptional racecraft demonstrated by Valentino Rossi in only his first full season in GT Racing. He’s been up against multiple World Champions, some using the same machinery, others using different machinery, and he really stood his ground. So it was no surprise to anybody that he would be continuing on with WRT in 2023. However, there are some changes this time around.

In 2022, Valentino Rossi was partnered with Belgian driver Frederic Vervisch for the Sprint Cup, which is the shorter weekend format, having two races on the Sunday lasting for typically about One Hour each, meaning in total - Two hours of racing time on the Sunday.

For the Endurance Cup, Rossi was partnered with Vervisch, and also Swiss driver Nico Muller - so he was in very good hands, with experienced drivers being able to really show him the ropes, and managing to get his racecraft to a point where he was going up against some greatly experienced people.

However, in 2023 - Valentino Rossi will be partnered by Maxime Martin for the 2023 Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup, which is absolutely phenomenal news, because Maxime Martin has won the Spa 24 Hours, and the Le Mans 24 Hours before, two of the greatest races on earth, and what is better - is that he has worked extensively with BMW before. In the Endurance Cup, Rossi will be partnered with both Martin, and Augusto Farfus Jr. another very experienced driver with a lot of talent. Rossi fans, 2023 is going to be incredible, but it only gets better…

Credit: @follow_wrt on Instagram

Rossi will compete in Bathurst 12 Hours and Dubai 24 Hours

For the first time in his career, Valentino Rossi will compete in the incredible Australian endurance race, the Bathurst 12 Hours. An incredible track with so much legacy and history, and now it will have yet another legend, touch the tarmac. As for the Dubai 24 Hours, Rossi has competed here before, and will do so once again, but this time, with a major spring in his step.

The Dubai 24 Hours takes place, and Rossi will therefore be racing as soon as - the 13-15th of January 2023, so less than a month to go before Valentino Rossi makes his 2023 debut.

Well well well, an early Christmas present from Team WRT really has made us Rossi fans delighted! I hope the reader feels the same, but I think 2023 is going to be a major year for Valentino. If he gets a podium, it would be his first podium since his third-place finish at the Dubai 12 Hours back in 2019. If he is to win in 2023, it would be his first victory since 2017 at the Dutch TT in MotoGP.

But here is a question, do we prefer (objectively speaking) the 2022 Rossi/Audi livery or the 2023 Rossi/BMW livery? I look forward to your comments!

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Dec 21, 2022

It has to be the 22 Audi livery I think, the lines somehow work better with the livery. I am probably biased though as I just prefer the Audi generally, even as a roadcar I think if you lined the two up in say plain white.. the Audi to my eye just looks better. But looking better or having a better livery won't matter if the BMW can propel him forwards in the results over 2022 🤞🙂

Replying to

A very good point, as long as the car performs just as good/better, then it will always go down as a great piece of machinery.

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