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X44 Announce New Title Sponsor

Written by William Stephens, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Credit: X44

Sir Lewis Hamilton's Extreme E team, X44, has announced a new title partnership with Vida Carbon, a carbon credit investment firm that aims to reduce the global greenhouse gas emissions. The team are currently heading into the final two rounds of Extreme E not quite in the title fight as they would have hoped, but are locked in a battle for second in the standings. Together, they aim to bring awareness regarding issues in the world, and aim to bring solutions with the help of both Extreme E as a platform, as well as Lewis Hamilton's massive presence on social media.

This sponsorship will be in effect from Round Four of Extreme E, the Copper X Prix, which is set to take place in Chile on 24th and 25th September.

"Around the world, we are all feeling the direct impacts of climate change. Traditional motorsports have long been associated with having a negative impact on the environment, and though many series are taking encouraging steps towards a more sustainable future, Extreme E is unique in the way it approaches this issue. Our partnership with X44 is proof that sustainable practices and a net zero future are possible. Vida Carbon and X44 are working towards that future." said Jamie Keech, Executive Chairman at Vida Carbon.

Sébastien Loeb, Nine-Time World Rally Champion, and Driver at X44 Vida Carbon Racing said, “We are very pleased to have Vida Carbon alongside us, as we continue our journey in Extreme E. Although there’s nothing we love more than a first place podium, our team is about so much more than just racing. X44 Vida Carbon Racing’s goal is to encourage our fans to take small steps together to have a positive impact on the planet, and a partner like Vida Carbon means we can do just that.”


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