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Alpine already in talks of contract renewal With Ocon

The French Team is already looking forward to keeping the recent duo of drivers. Fernando Alonso has already a contract for the 2022 season and rumors state that the team is thinking about the same for the Mercedes Academy driver, Esteban Ocon.

Written by Bruna Brito, Edited by Tanishka Vashee

The 2022 grid seems to be already coming together. After Lando Norris confirmed his stay at McLaren, now it’s time for Alpine. With Fernando Alonso already guaranteed, the French team started talks for the renewal of Esteban Ocon’s contract.

As expected by some, Esteban Ocon has already impressed with his performances at the beginning of this season, surpassing his teammate.

On his return to F1, Esteban signed a two-year contract with Renault. His agreement comes to an end this year. His association with Mercedes prompted Toto Wolff to be asked if he would be an option for the team, but the Austrian said it would all depend on Alpine.

Alpine CEO, Laurent Rossi on Thursday in Monaco said that Wolff was “very gracious” in his comments, revealing that he has already started talks with the young Frenchman.

“It is something we are already considering,” said Rossi when asked by if one was looking for an Alpine seat in Ocon’s future. “Esteban is doing everything to consider me fixing it. I would be silly if I didn’t think about it.”

“At the moment, we are already talking to his teacher, his management team, and Mercedes. Esteban is a great driver, so I am happy to have this kind of problem!”

Last year, Ocon took his first podium at the Sakhir GP, finishing in second. Alpine CEO Marcin Budkowski praised him a lot for his improvement.

One name that has been linked to a possible move to the Alpine was Monza champ, Pierre Gasly.

Although Alpine has kept its French identity since taking over the Renault team, Rossi shut down the rumours really quick and said that Gasly was not among the considerations.

“We are not looking for drivers for next year. Because, at the moment, I am obviously considering Esteban, and Fernando is already guaranteed with us.”

“So, if we want to keep the current moment, we will do that. Pierre is obviously a great driver, with his value. But at the moment, he is not in the cards, I would say.”

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