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An Interview with Clemens Schmid

Instead of choosing for a skiing career that would have been more typical of Austria, Clemens Schmid stuck with his dreams to conquer the world’s racetracks. The DIVEBOMB team had the pleasure to talk with the driver. Take a look!

Interviewed By Bruna Brito and Lucas Pielsch, Edited By Issa Chaker

You started go-karting when you were 9, and it says on your website “after some hesitation”, I’m curious, did that hesitation come from your parents? Were they insecure about this career path or was it someone or something else?

They were insecure if it’s something they want to support because it’s a dangerous sport and at the end only a few people are able to make their living from it.

Now did that scenario change their perception?

Yes they are happy that all worked out like it is now.

In your fist season in karts with Tirol racing kart, you finished in an impressive fourth position. What are your best memories and lessons from that period?

My best memory from that year was my second race in Weissenbach, I had pole position, that was an amazing weekend.

Then in 2010, you started to drive with Porsche. How was that, did you remember your first victory, the weather conditions.. ? Did you face any difficulties managing the car?

My first victory was in Dubai 2011, it was a hot day, slight sandstorm and I was quite nervous because I had no experience with sandy conditions.

In those 5 years with Porsche, How did you develop your confidence as a driver?

With hard work and lots of testing. I made good progress in this.

How was your move to GT3, since you were champion in 2014 with Porsche. What happened or what’s the reason that influenced you to change the category?

GT3 was the biggest growing class in motorsport, and it was clearly the next step to take.

What’s your biggest fear at the beginning of your GT3 career?

Actually nothing. 

You participated in an endurance race in 2015, how was that for you? Did you sleep between the brakes? would you be able to sleep, eat…? 

Yes, it was quite easy to get sleep and some food, you know it’s something you need to do, otherwise you compromise your own performance and harm the team.

 Have you ever had a teammate that you didn’t like?

 Yes, but that’s all I’ll say.

What’s your favourite track? 

It’d either be Spa or Silverstone. 

With the pandemic, simulators have become a big trend, how do you see this movement? and what tips would you give to someone who also thinks about an adventure in this category? 

Difficult, but for the beginning I wouldn’t invest too much money and try if it’s something you like or not, it’s quite a special thing to race online against others, sometimes it’s not running 100% fair 

Your dream is to start at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, how is the process to achieve this dream going? Will we see you on the track soon? 

At the moment, my focus is completely on GT3 but if there is a good opportunity in the future I will take it.


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