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Aston Martin reveal new Safety car and Medical car

Around November last year, it was agreed that Mercedes would no longer be the sole provider of safety and medical cars in F1 races. Aston Martin would step-up and partner with Mercedes to provide the sport with these crucial cars.

Written by Tanishka Vashee, Edited by Daniel Yi

The model they are using for the safety car is an Aston Martin Vantage and the medical car is an Aston Martin DBX. The British car manufacturer has now given us a glimpse of the beautiful new cars, decked out in the distinct colours of British racing green.

First glimpse of the new safety car – the Aston Martin Vantage

The new safety car and the medical car

Amid the economic slowdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, and considering the upcoming 23-race calendar as well as budget caps, the sharing of safety car duties will help reduce the financial burdens on Mercedes. Since the 1996 season, Mercedes has been the only car manufacturer equipping the sport with safety cars.

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