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“Drive to Survive” Season 3 Release Date Announced

The popular documentary series that goes behind the scenes of the races and the lives of the fastest drivers in the world, finally has a release date for it’s third season. “Drive to Survive,” a Netflix original production, releases on March 19.

Written By Bruna Brito, Edited By Aiden Hover

Drive to survive released its first season in 2019, following the most prestigious and fastest sport during its 2018 campaign.

Famous for popularising some well-known figures, such as Günther Steiner, head of the American team Haas, the show won over the public, turning many new fans into lovers of the elite sport of Formula 1.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, chances are that we will see some behind the scenes footage of the decisions that were made in the cancellation of the championship in March, before the Australian GP in Melbourne, which resulted in the fourth largest hiatus in the history of the sport.

Certainly, the 2020 season became one of the most challenging in the history of Formula 1. The social distancing, use of masks and the absence of the public certainly brought a new sound and atmosphere to the paddock.

The choices and changes to the calendar, the adoption of new tracks, the dominant Mercedes, the positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) for some drivers, the hurried return of supersub Nico Hülkenberg, the decline of Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel in the championship, the rise and fight of Sergio Pérez, the iconic podium in Monza with Pierre Gasly’s victory, the difficulties of Alex Albon’s first full season in RedBull, Romain Grosjean rising out of the fire like a fenix after his terrible accident in Bahrain, the 2020 season definitely brought about many exciting twists with these being only a few that will surely be shown in this years “Drive to Survive,” so don’t forget to catch it when it finally releases on March 19th.

For Kimi Räikkönen, however, Formula 1 is just a hobby.

“Drive to Survive” season 3 teaser:

(5th March 2021) “Drive to Survive” season 3 official trailer:


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