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Exclusive: Callum Ilott on his IndyCar future

Written by Archie O'Reilly

It was recently announced that Callum Ilott will be driving for Jota Sport in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2024, following an unexpected exit from Juncos Hollinger Racing in IndyCar back in October. But Ilott does not rule out an IndyCar return and has revealed to DIVEBOMB that he could yet feature in the 2024 season.

"There's got to be some things that happen on other people's sides to see how that works," Ilott said. "But I was definitely going to go to some of the races, like try and go to St. Pete, the 500 - if I don't end up driving straight away - and go there as a kind of reserve, enjoy it, chat to a few people and then see later on.

"I have the ability, I think, to go to maybe nine or 10 events within IndyCar. Who knows if I do all of those? Because that would be quite a lot of money to spend to go to every single one. But I'll definitely try to go to a few. And I think the 500, I definitely want to do. It’s just how I do it, I don't know yet."

For Ilott, being around the IndyCar paddock throughout the 2024 season, and staying in view of teams, is clearly important. He was not necessarily ready and did not particularly expect to end his IndyCar stay but ultimately had his hand forced due to circumstances with Juncos, hence the switch to WEC for 2024.

"I was more than expecting to stay," he said. "There was no, kind of, option not to stay. If you'd asked me just over two months ago what I was doing, I would have definitely expected to be staying in IndyCar. There was no doubt in my mind. So it was a bit of a surprise. And then, of course, we came to an agreement to split and move on.

"And then I explored IndyCar. That was my first goal - to stay in IndyCar. But with what was left available and the nature of what was needed for those seats, I wasn't the top option because of the nature of those seats."

Ilott is undecided on his plans for 2025 once his 2024 WEC season concludes. A full-time return to IndyCar is by no means being ruled out, but he is keeping his options open ahead of his maiden season with Jota in the Hypercar class of WEC.

"Very quickly, I had to change [plans]," Ilott said. "I've been presented with this great opportunity and in something that a lot of guys enjoy and something that you can have a great career in. It has some great races and is increasing and increasing in popularity and viewership.

"So I'm interested to see where this journey goes. And of course, I'm not against anything. I don't want to write anything off. So IndyCar, WEC… I'm quite relaxed as to where it goes."

If Ilott is to return to IndyCar, he knows it has to be under the right circumstances and would be keen for it to be with a top team. "I think, in a certain way, if in the future I was to return, it would have to be more like that," he said. "Because I'd spent two-and-a-half years, and planned to do another year trying to take something small and and make it work.

"My peers are going into positions where they can win and do a good job. I know I can win and I know I can do a very good job. It's just you have to be in a place that can put you into that position or help you be in that position. So, I'd have to explore it. And if the right thing comes up, who knows?"

You can listen to or watch Ilott's full interview with the DIVEBOMB IndyCar Podcast, where he goes into lots of detail about a number of topics, on 2nd January.


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