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F3: Stenshorne and Tsolov to face race bans, Lindblad fined for outside testing violations

Written by Sean McKean

Earlier this evening, it was announced that three drivers would be summoned to the stewards’ office for out-of-season testing violations: Prema’s Arvid Lindblad, ART’s Nikola Tsolov and Hitech’s Martinius Stenshorne.

Lindblad was the first of the three to be summoned. In April, the Brit participated in an open test for the GB3 Championship in Silverstone. Under the regulations, the test had to be approved by the FIA beforehand.

However, a miscommunication from the team to higher-ups meant that it wasn’t communicated properly. As a result, Lindblad faces a €20.000 fine for “failure to disclose to the FIA of a single-seater testing activity.

The same summoning was faced by Australia sprint race winner Martinius Stenshorne – albeit facing a much harsher punishment. Also in April, the Norwegian took part in the second round of the GB3 Championship at the Silverstone circuit. 

Although he didn’t take home any silverware, this didn’t matter to the FIA. Formula 3 will go to the Silverstone circuit later this July, and the mileage gained in race-trim was seen as an unfair advantage. Subsequently, Stenshorne will be barred from participating in the Silverstone round. A replacement for him has yet to be announced by Hitech GP.

Also facing a round ban – particularly at Spa – is ART Grand Prix’s Tsolov. Earlier this month, he partook in Eurocup-3’s opening round at the Belgian track. As a result, the Bulgarian will also face a round ban for the late-July round at the circuit. ART is also yet to announce a replacement, and comment on the same.


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