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Fernando Alonso extends contract with Aston Martin until 2026 season

Written by Owen Bradley, Edited by Hugh W

Credit: Aston Martin Website

Fernando Alonso has extended his contract with Aston Martin, through to the end of the 2026 season. 

The Spaniard had an excellent debut year with Aston Martin in 2023, securing eight podium finishes, and battling against some of the toughest competition, like the Red Bull of Sergio Perez. 

This news does not come as a complete shock to the motorsport world, as many fans have speculated on how long Fernando Alonso will continue in Formula One for. Alonso of course did leave F1 back at the end of 2018, and pursued a career in other categories of motorsport, like competing in the Indy 500 and World Endurance Championship, winning the WEC title and the Le Mans 24 Hours twice.

What is surprising however, is that by the end of his new contract, Alonso will be 45. In comparison, the only other modern F1 driver to do this at an older age, was Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher joined Mercedes for the 2010 season, at 41 years of age, and left the team at the end of 2012, aged 43. Alonso would be continuing for an extra season, in comparison to Schumacher, however both of them share something in common.

Credit: Dan Istitene

Schumacher, in the twilight of his stellar F1 career, and helped develop Mercedes into the powerhouse they are today, or at least were a few years ago. He managed to take pole position at the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix, before it was cruelly taken away due to an engine component replacement penalty.

Schumacher would score his last podium finish however, at the European Grand Prix in Valencia, with a great third place finish. Ironically, Alonso went on to take victory at the European GP in 2012. 

Alonso has also done a similar job, scoring podiums and being incredibly fast whilst also helping Aston Martin develop their car and the overall team as well. Whilst Schumacher wasn’t perhaps fully able to enjoy the fruits of his labour, maybe Fernando Alonso will.

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