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FIA publishes conclusion of Horror Grosjean crash investigation.

The Phoenix, Romain Grosjean, suffered a 67G impact and spent 27 seconds in a fiery blaze at the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix before finally escaping.

Written By Bruna Brito, Edited By Aiden Hover

Almost four months after the terrible accident that shocked the whole world, we finally have access to the conclusions made during the investigation carried out by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).

The report published this week, concluded that:

– The car impacted the barrier at 192 kph (120mph)

– Estimated peak force was 67G

– The fuel tank inspection hatch was dislodged and the engine fuel supply connection was torn from the fuel tank, both providing primary paths for the escape of fuel from the tank

– The driver safety equipment performed according to their specifications

– ERS battery was significantly damaged

– Fire started from the rear of the survival cell

– The race was red flagged approximately 5.5 seconds after the impact

There is no doubt that all watching witnessed a miracle that day. With luck, Grosjean has recovered and is back on the track in IndyCar, where he will share the seat with another promising young driver, the Brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi.

To read more about Romain’s IndyCar venture, click here.


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