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Hiyu Yamakoshi Joins Tecnicar for F4 Spain Campaign

Written by Juan Arroyo, Edited by Meghana Sree

Credit: Tecnicar Motorsport Solutions

Hiyu Yamakoshi will join Tecnicar for the remainder of the F4 Spain Championship starting from the second round in Aragón this weekend. Yamakoshi will also be competing concurrently in the French F4 Championship, where he currently holds the fifth position in the standings.

Although racing with Tecnicar, Yamakoshi has signed a contract with Campos, enabling him to receive data from the Spanish team's current group of drivers for comparison.

In an official announcement, the team said: “Hiyu Yamakoshi is entering a completely new world for him, and his next step will be to compete for the Tecnicar Motorsport Solutions team in the Spanish Formula 4 from the second round of the championship, which will take place in Aragón.”

Yamakoshi added: “I am very happy to continue my progress with F4 car[s] in a high-level competition that is Spanish F4, alongside Tecnicar Motorsport Solutions”.

The 16-year-old made his debut in single-seaters in January 2023 with Pinnacle VAR in Formula 4 UAE, achieving two finishes with points across two rounds. Yamakoshi finished 22nd in the championship.

Tecnicar's current lineup also includes Eric Gené and Griffin Peebles, both of whom have yet to score points in the championship.


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